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  1. splblazer98

    Amp got a little sparky on install.

    There would be a spark if the amp was tested before hand. Jake tests alot of his amps personally before shipping them out, what the spark probably was the residual energy stored in the caps on board the amp, and when you grounded the terminal you got a spark.
  2. splblazer98

    Who wants a FREE DP 18?

    woot woot im in
  3. splblazer98

    need recone

    if it is a AP which i think it is, then it uses a 2.5" coil
  4. splblazer98

    Color code ???

  5. splblazer98

    Replacing 2 BTL 12's with 2 lvl 5 15's

    Ok, badmouthing a company that I know manufactures good speakers I'm going to have to post. First of all, if your run a shop and have employees why are you focusing on installing Fi subs, who sell direct. That is the worst enemy of pretty much any B&M shop. You act as though you are some big businessman, but my guess is your some 22 year old kid who builds boxes in your garage. I also think your "employees" are your friends who help you throw boxes together in the garage. Also from the posts it appears you don't even design your own boxes for your "customers." You think because you put CEO in your signature and you claim you run a shop your going to get insider information? I speak with Nick on a daily basis and consider him a personal friend and I don't get any insider information from him. Why would you? What makes you special? Fi subs are much more than just hype, maybe you seen the video where we put 10kw on a single btl and the coil was pristine. If you are a 22 year old CEO of your own business I think you should go back to school and figure out how business works, and in case you haven't figured it out blowing off steam and badmouthing a company in a public forum isn't how it works.
  6. splblazer98

    Check these #s out.

    on peak hold doesn't skew output results as much as some think..... it wouldnt suprise me to see 2700 out of a 1500d, we got 5kw out of a strapped pair pretty regularly
  7. splblazer98

    Welcome to the IHoP

    First easter I didn't go to church since i was a baby... kinda odd
  8. hopefully they can host some more shows there and have a great competition scene
  9. I had alot of fun at the show, I was amazed at the turnout for the meca portion
  10. splblazer98

    Sundown @ SBN

    I know jake will not be bringing his vehicle there to compete...
  11. splblazer98

    First Pair of Sundown Audio Nightshade 15's (PICS)

    And is that 4 SAZ? yup
  12. splblazer98

    First Pair of Sundown Audio Nightshade 15's (PICS)

    very conservatively rated at 1500wrms i believe 12's and 15's i believe are the sizes offered
  13. splblazer98

    My impressions of the next-gen SI Mag 12

    You guys don't realize how much of a perfectionist nick is when it comes to this stuff, I'd wager he is more OCD than some ppl in mental institutions when it comes to the mag. Thats why when I heard him this excited about the driver it couldnt wait to give it a listen.
  14. splblazer98

    First Pair of Sundown Audio Nightshade 15's (PICS)

    here is my proto test of the 12 Well guys yesterday was my last day to test before my truck left to go to it's new home. I had big plans of spending most of the day testing; however, that wasn't in the cards. To begin the day my charger had screwed up sometime in the past few days leaving my batteries partially drained. I apologize in advance for the inadequacy of these results, but from my limited testing I learned quite a bit about this driver. These numbers probably don't mean much to you so let me do some comparision for you. In that same enclosure in the same test vehicle at the same power, note this was on a much colder day, the Nightshade is about .4-.5db louder than the IA DP and at 20hz lower. However the DP really shined when more power was added, as I expect the same thing would happen with the Sundown Nightshade. I hope to get some more testing done on this driver in the coming week if I can locate adequate power to support it. Edit Also forgot to add one of the most important parts. When I first spoke with Jake about testing this driver he wanted to see a good rms figure and I came to the conclusion that a prolonged period on ~3-4kw would give a good estimate of how much power the coil could soak up and what the cooling would do. I threw 3.5kw on the driver for ~30 seconds @45hz and got a small amount of smell out of the driver ( nothing more than excess glue burn off ) and the dustcap was barely warm to the touch. Also testing the spl before and after that period yielded minimal difference, maybe .1-.2db. For that reason alone I think the driver could take 5-6kw for a burp without worry. I did spend a bit of time listening to this driver on ~1500 watts with music and was suprised with the sound of the speaker. It played lower music adequately and didn't strain to drop below 40hz. It was however begging for more power. Again I'm sorry I couldn't do the full work up as I hoped to, hopefully these minor testing results will show you the potential this subwoofer has.