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  1. tattooedkaos

    Elemental designs sound deadening

    I've honestly had nothing but good experience with them and their customer service and products, but there seems to be so much negative talk about them
  2. tattooedkaos

    Xcon dual15 enclosure

    looks great as usual!
  3. tattooedkaos

    why has no one ever?

    not to thread jack, but that matter horn is crazy shite!
  4. tattooedkaos

    How do I wire this?

    from what I see looking at the pictures of that coaxial, those are just 2 different size terminals for the same connection, so just pick whichever one is better for your wire size.
  5. tattooedkaos

    Need Help on Sub choice.

    well you can still use those subs, and use a DMM to gain down the amp, so you are only using the power you need, and that way the amp doesnt have to work as hard
  6. tattooedkaos

    woohoo ups stopped by!!!

    I am always excited to see pics of awesome subs! I cant wait till quentin gets to my box and I get my Icon!
  7. tattooedkaos

    Free enclosrue deal ends this Friday

    an absolutely amazing deal, and I'm glad i got on the list!
  8. tattooedkaos

    '05 Scion Xa, what way to fire sub and port?

    thats good chit. maybe some day I would consider that drive, i'm trying to experience more things and try to live life more as I get older, lol
  9. I am currently taking advantage of the Audibel Customs free enclosure special and getting myself an SSA Icon 12". I am going to be going with a ported enclosure, and Quentin is currently working on my design. the first design he had was with the sub on an angle, firing towards the hatch, and port firing out the top. I had envisioned a upward firing sub and port, and a raised sub floor in the back to make it all flush. Now I realize that the box is just going to be so big regardless that the sub floor idea went out the window. I am only concerned with it hitting hard, going deep, and being able to keep up with my tastes in music. I drive a '05 Scion Xa, 160 amp alt, 0g big 3, power and ground, all knukonceptz wiring, Alpine PDX 100.4, Infinity reference 6.5 comps, 6.5 coax rear fill, and a memphis 16MCD-1000 sub amp. I listen to rap, metal, rock and Drum N Bass. I like the way the angled firing sub and upward port looked, and am just looking to see if anyone has experience with this, or my type of car, and does that sound like it would be a good setup? Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  10. tattooedkaos

    Amp to big for IXL 10.2.2?

    Like KU40 said, you can always gain down, using a DMM, to set the amp to the wattage you are looking to get for the sub.
  11. tattooedkaos

    Give me opinions, good or bad.

    I have had good experience with Knukonceptz, i think that for the money they can't be beat
  12. tattooedkaos

    Is this a good deal?

    That deal sounds either like it's stolen or someone really just doesn't know the value of what they have
  13. tattooedkaos

    JVC KD-R900

    the point of higher pre-out voltage is so you get a stronger signal with less distortion, and theoretically you would need to turn the gain up less to achieve the full power of the amp
  14. tattooedkaos

    DLS vs Sundown Amps

    I have been using an all digital Alpine PDX-4.100 to power my highs, it has a very small frame so it can fit in a lot of places, I got it on Ebay for about $290 shipped. It sounds really good and was birthed at 126 watts rms at 14.4v
  15. tattooedkaos

    sirlancelot's enclosure

    Looking Amazing, I cant wait to get my new sub and enclosure ordered!