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  1. Well, the past couple hours were quite interesting. NOT!!!!! I thank God my boss, the manager, and a few other employees were there because if they weren't I might be headed to jail right now. Why? Here goes the story, what little I can give at this time.One of my co-workers came to the shop and told me the kids told him there was a pipe busted in an apartment. My coworker tried knocking on the door for 10 minutes, but a couple was arguing and didn't answer, so he came and got me.I went to...

  2. My first 0mg nicotine liquid. Not that great. Supposed to be orange dream bar. Tastes like water

  3. Wish 5:30pm tomorrow would hurry up and get here. 8:30am I will be officially off call for 2 weeks (Thank God) and I can live my life instead of living my job's life.

  4. There ALL you that have poked me, today, have officially and thoroughly poked back. Enjoy.

  5. Today is no shits given day. I just do not care about a damn thing right now. Ready to just pack up and move on with my life, away from everything. Actually feel like going to get a huge bottle of vodka and downing it as quick as possible.

  6. 6 games loaded and ready to go. I've got plenty more, but, found out I'm only using an 8gig drive. Could have sworn is was at least a 16gig. I think Charlie and I are going to have some fun this weekend and I am SO looking forward to seeing him. It's been too damn long of time. Something like 3 weeks, I think.

  7. I have forgotten just how much fun Super Mario bros is. Modded wii kicks ass now.

  8. For the next 2 days I will be the only tech at the property. The others are going to assess problems at the other dumps. Why am I stuck here? Cause I am good enough to take care of this dump myself

  9. Thanks to Modz Von Xyborg, we now have 1 modded wii. Unfortunately it is the white one. Not sure what is wrong with the black one, yet. I'm pretty sure I will hear about it since it was Brandy's wii that god modded. Oh well, when she sees the new world, she'll be happy.Thanks again Modz. and I am not going to let the black one kick my ass, I just got a lot to do before tomorrow

  10. Modz Von Xyborg, let's talk wii softmodding.The black wii I have is 4.3U. I am formatting a 4gig Sd card with fat32. What software do I need, besides homebrew? Easiest solutions please.

  11. I really need to get to Tigerdirect. I have not hacked the black wii, yet, due to not having an SD card. Keep putting it off. I really need to get this done so Charlie and I will have more games to play next weekend, instead of wiisports.Headache seem to be lightening up. I think this is from the salt intake I had last night from those chicken nuggets.

  12. Hmmm, has anybody noticed that Lowes sells .75" MDF with No added formaldehyde (NAF)? In other words, they sell MDF that has no formaldehyde in the adhesive.I thought it was interesting. Home Depot does not offer that, btw.

  13. Just got a 32gig Ipod from an eviction. Waiting for it to reset now so I can use it.This is my very first ipod, so another virginity has been broken this month. that makes 2 for the month.

  14. I guess I need to get to work and officially be on call for the next week.ugh! I hate this on call crap. Gotta do what I gotta do though.Happy friggin Friday to you all.

  15. I forgot to cook something for dinner. WTH? I'm going to start fogettign things like this again? I was doing so good with not forgetting things.Guess it really is grilled cheese sandwich time.