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  1. azbass

    Welcome to the IHoP

    anybody know what happen to finebar4? has he been around?
  2. azbass

    Happy Berfday Mike!

    thanks guys, leaving on my vacation to the Dominican Republic tomorrow. be back in a week
  3. azbass

    new woofers

    well they sound great. same awsome punch the PPI's had. they are getting more power and get a little louder. and they extend a lot lower. very musical.
  4. azbass

    new woofers

    yeah still here in NJ. going in to the basic for the coast guard January 8th.
  5. azbass

    Picture of my Q's

    yeah the left sub is killing it. :/
  6. azbass

    new woofers

    they are single 8 ohm woofers. they are the powerclass series (not pros) and selling em for 70 a piece.
  7. azbass

    new woofers

    gah sorry about the car.
  8. azbass

    new woofers

    dang man been a while. iv seen you snooping around ca.com. hows everything been going? any projects?
  9. azbass

    new woofers

    older access 27A
  10. azbass

    More fiero pixtures

    lol I actually have those exact Nike shoes. I used for some triathlons/training.
  11. azbass

    done! for now (pics)

    the Profi's meet the sealed minimum enclosure volume I need. and I like the black cones.
  12. azbass

    done! for now (pics)

    while learning the ways of fiberglassed stuff, i just happened to pick up a First class cert... I will never make a square box again. I keep pushing the limits of what I can stretch fleece around for something unique. I did have my doubts on this enclosure. and I do wana fancy up the amp rack/floor. and Im lookin in to new woofers heres what I think im down too JL 10w3v3 ID IDQ10 Rainbow Profi 10
  13. azbass

    done! for now (pics)

    i just need to get my seats done in leather now
  14. azbass

    done! for now (pics)

    they are the powerclass 10"s. Even, the guy I got em from has the pro 12"s hes using in his build. Indeed. What kind of ventalation did you run for the amp under there? no fans. amp never gets hott.
  15. azbass

    Finished up project 2001 Audi TT

    hows the new flatcones sound??
  16. azbass

    Just random nature.

    lol. good stuff man
  17. azbass

    a little update

    Started months ago iv been working on this enclosure, and this where im at. thanks again too The Cybe for the decal
  18. azbass

    a little update

    thanks Tom
  19. azbass

    a little update

    getting black vinyl stitched on.
  20. azbass

    a little update

    mdf skeleton
  21. azbass

    a little update

    the woofer does have some weird discoloration to the cone, sucks because they were brand new never opened from the plastic. they have about .75 cubes each. and will be polyfilled.
  22. azbass


    sweet jeep. i miss mine, dude send me a euro plate!!