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  1. Just opening this thread for discussion and to see who all wants to come. Right now I have set the meet for September 6. This is not is stone so we can change it if need be. Me and Kent have been talking about this for some time and we finally decided to put it into action before the weather changes around here.
  2. Patrick Simmons

    SSA & CYV meet for Illinois

    If that is where everyone wants to meet, then let's do it.
  3. Patrick Simmons

    SSA & CYV meet for Illinois

    Just let me know.
  4. Patrick Simmons

    SSA & CYV meet for Illinois

    That's what's up for discussion now is where and what time. I'm still not too familiar with the area outside of Chicago and north of Chicago. Anything south of that and I am lost unless we are talking way south like Tennessee, lol.
  5. Patrick Simmons

    Looking for Opinions on my new site!

    True. I try to put information on there for people to read to try and protect themselves as much as possible.
  6. Patrick Simmons

    Looking for Opinions on my new site!

    Well, I started this site less than month ago and just wanted to hear some opinions. I'm not asking people to sign up if you don't want to, I just want to see what everyone thinks and get some feedback. www.****
  7. Patrick Simmons

    Looking for Opinions on my new site!

    Thanks. Just wanted to get some opinons from actual car audio guys. A few of my web design friends loved it but that doesn't really help much when you are aiming at a particular audience.
  8. Patrick Simmons

    Hello from California

    The best car audio board around. Lots of experience on here.
  9. Patrick Simmons

    tournament time

    Done. http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/i...showtopic=20187
  10. Patrick Simmons

    New boards! I like

    SSA stays on top of things around here
  11. Patrick Simmons

    Hello! from norman

    Welcome aboard!
  12. Patrick Simmons

    Blow-through in my bagged 95 fullsize chevy

    Looks nice and can't wait to see it finished.
  13. Patrick Simmons


    Welcome aboard! Lots of great people here.
  14. Patrick Simmons

    tournament time

    I'm down.Maybe end of August or a weekend in September to give people who want to attend time to plan. Whatcha think?
  15. Patrick Simmons

    tournament time

    I totally agree. It's a long trip but if we make a full day or weekend out of it, it would be worth it. I wonder if there are any other SSA members in the vacinity, we could make it some sorta meet.
  16. Patrick Simmons

    hey from NJ

    Welcome again. Glad to see you posting now.
  17. Patrick Simmons

    iCON pics

    Sexy sexy!
  18. Patrick Simmons

    Sup from north cack

    Welcome aboard!
  19. Patrick Simmons

    NOPI Nationals Canceled

    but they are going to have to find a new location, right?
  20. Patrick Simmons

    NOPI Nationals Canceled

    That sucks for the IASCA world finals and for the Nopi Nationals, I used to go every year.
  21. Patrick Simmons

    SSA is proud to Announce a new Portal for the SSA site

    That looks really nice and professional.
  22. I was looking to do a big three this weekend and was wondering how would you do the bir 3 when the battery is in the trunk. Does it take away from the whole idea?
  23. Patrick Simmons

    Big 3 with car battery in trunk

    Just upgrading the electrical before I add more powerful amps and some other performance electricals. I will more than likely get upgrade to a Powermaster battery if one is available. I still have to sound deaden everything too so I got my work cut out for me. I plan on competing next year. Customer's cars come first though
  24. Patrick Simmons

    Big 3 with car battery in trunk

    Thanks for the info bigjon. That was what I was afraid of. I need to go ahead and order a ho alt.
  25. Patrick Simmons

    400,000 posts!!

    Actually you just need to have 500k to be listed on bigboards There's only a handful of car audio forums on there.