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    Happy Father’s Day gentlemen.
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    I will say this is one of the ugliest front ends of a car I've seen in a while.
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    That’s brutal Jay. Thanks for always posting up. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to.
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    I ended up going with the Deka AGM batteries, so far there good.
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    Going to look at a Saleen Friday.
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    Well at least decals are selling a bit better these days. J
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    Slow. Everything I want is $70-80k...which is off by at least $20k. Roof almost got put on today though which will make it easier to move forward. No place to put it atm.
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    4 gauge wire coming from front stage amplifier is now connected to fuse block instead of positive battery terminal. 1/0 wire for sub amp has been removed since it was too long, adequate size wire was purchased and will be here Thursday. Wiring management is getting better and it's starting to look much cleaner.