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  1. RiottStarr

    Fi SP4 12"

    That was infact the information I was given in an email from a FI rep.
  2. RiottStarr

    Fi BTL series replacement?

    I have a 12" UFO. For sale? POSSIBLY..... PM for details
  3. RiottStarr

    Fi SP4 12"

    Absolutely killing me!!! Was told in Feb that some Time in July-ish, there would be a killer 12 released. What was released in sept? 15 an 18's. What gives guys?
  4. RiottStarr

    *** FS: Arc Audio KS-500.1 ***

    200 shipped?
  5. Its simple! "I have ocd" no cheap, holes not lining up bs shipped outta here!!! Not sure of prices but, I see no reason why a dual alt bracket need be more than 200 shipped.
  6. I am considering making them. There is nooooo reason to pay 300 dollars plus shipping for them. Anyone interested???
  7. RiottStarr

    Mechman Coupon codes?

    Too late, already placed an order. Thanks though..
  8. RiottStarr

    Building a better box for MY vehicle

    It has to be your box. I've heard 2 AA Mayhem 12's get stupid low in that same car.
  9. RiottStarr

    FS 2 BNIB B2 Audio CC 12" subs dual 1ohm 900.00 SHIPPED

    Rock Bottom Price???
  10. Are there any running currently?
  11. RiottStarr

    Fi SP4 12"

    I do not want some random ass sub made of 15 different parts. I want something the wonderful engineers at FI have constructed, tested and approved.
  12. RiottStarr

    2 Fi q 12's ported what options should I get?

    Whats that mean? About the amps history. I am about to run that same amp to a pair of 12's.
  13. RiottStarr

    Elite Series Alts.

    Im on the site but when I add the alt to my cart, It puts in the 270 3 phase alt.
  14. Are they available for a 06 5.3 Silverado?
  15. RiottStarr

    Newb System Advice-Subs and Amp