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  1. SDTxPappys rus

    How is it coming along?

    So I received my sub yesterday. I never received an email telling me it was shipped that's why I was getting impatient. I noticed that you switched to paper cones now?? And the terminals are different and for some reason the sub stands taller than my other bl 15.
  2. SDTxPappys rus

    How is it coming along?

    So I was planning on having my new system installed before school started again but looks like that's not going to happen because I ordered my sub a month ago. It has now been 31 days and I am just wondering when do you think you will be able to ship my sub. My order number is I-16710/00. I know your busy but It has been awhile and I just want to know.
  3. SDTxPappys rus

    How is it coming along?

    This is my order number I-16710/00
  4. SDTxPappys rus

    How is it coming along?

    Hello I ordered a Fi BL 15, 25 days ago and tomorrow makes it 15 days since I got the UPS Quantum View email. I was just wondering when I might expect to see my sub.
  5. SDTxPappys rus

    Fi lanyard.

    I know I would buy one. But im currently still waiting for my 2nd bl 15 it's been a while.
  6. SDTxPappys rus

    Weird Buzzing Sound

    That's a possibility. I had spliced them to make them shorter.
  7. SDTxPappys rus

    Weird Buzzing Sound

    Ok, Well I decided to drill a hole and ground to the frame and now the noise stop when ever the head unite is on but when ever you tap the metal it reverbs out the speaker? Also when the Head unit is off it makes the same buzzing sound. Could this be because my amp is not the best?
  8. SDTxPappys rus

    Weird Buzzing Sound

    OK, Well I have tried a few things and nothing worked. But first I will tell you my situation. I have a 92 Ford Ranger xlt and a FI BL 15 in THIS Box with a Pyle Audio 2200 amp. My problem is that When the box and sub are in the cab of my truck and the head unit is off or on it doesn't matter. I receive a very loud buzzing sound when I turn the key on. Here is a video below to explain what happened. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JuZPgoYyYk Please help me as much as you guys can.