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  1. LoudFire

    I'm here. lets get this party bumpin!

    Hello there! <bassjunkie
  2. LoudFire

    Formerly known

    Exactly what I had! It was a blue one powered by a 318, I sure wish I could have put my wall in that vs my sunfire.
  3. LoudFire

    Formerly known

    Sounds like a bad ground( all that popping and crackling). Lol. Welcome LOL, Do you have any type of build log for that ramcharger in your avatar? My first vehicle was a ramcharger and I've been quite fond of them.
  4. LoudFire

    Formerly known

    Just checking in, some may know me as BassJunkie on smd, ****, and a few other places. Former name was taken so now I'm LoudFire. Looking forward to contributing