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  1. Chickenwings

    Deaden whole car?

    Where do yo guys think i should put the mlv/ccf for maximum result to reduce road noise/air bourne noise? I was thinking of putting a layer of damp pro on the wheels wells? Any specific spots for better results? Thanks
  2. Chickenwings

    Deaden whole car?

    Well actually i traded in my old system for this one so the difference ended up being not too much but idk y people r hating on skar so much.. Just bc the owner is a douche doesnt make the product also
  3. Chickenwings

    Deaden whole car?

    Well i want the car to be rattle free and thats y i thought on deadening the whole car. Ivebeen reading on alot of forums and some people say they deaden their whole car while oters say 25% coverage is enough. Now to think of it, after reading on SDS i might just use the 80ft that i hav on the trunks/doors.. Cant return it so gotta put it to use and i might just cover my floor with MLV to reduce tire sound/road noise. And yes atm im only running 1200rms but in near future after i get my alt, i will upgrade to 3k rms.
  4. Chickenwings

    Deaden whole car?

    Hey all, i just bought a shop pack of damplifier pro 80ft, hoping it will be well worth it since it cost me around 540$ for the pack (shipping/us-cad). I just wanted to know if i should deaden the whole car which would require prob another 80ft and im also thinking of ordering a pack of mlv/ccf. I will be running around 1200rms, and the car is a lexus so it is pretty quiet from start. What do u guys think? Im thinkin if i need another 80ft will jus go with regular damplifer instead of the pro to save some $. Also, getting it installed is another huge cost. Theres this shop that i know do an amazing job 100% of the time but they are charging around 1000$. Another shop which is on the cheaper side is asking 500$.
  5. Chickenwings

    Skar 125.4d

    Dont hav the pics of all the stuff since most is at the shop whos installin it but heres a pic of the sub
  6. Chickenwings

    Skar 125.4d

    Hahah we'll c how good it is tho, got 4 of the 6.5 mid bass, 1 skar 125.4 nd the skar zvx12 but hav a sundown 2500d for the zvx.. Using ofc 0 gauge with a pc 1500 underhood and 80 ft of damp pro in trunk/doors!
  7. Chickenwings

    Skar 125.4d

    Dang, well i jus paid over 1500$ in skar!
  8. Chickenwings

    (2) Odyssey PC625 batteries

    Still available?
  9. Chickenwings

    Skar 125.4d

    I went with a skar zvx 12 v3 (which officially comes out tmrw) but will only be feeding it 600 rms @4ohms to accquire good effc since im running it off stock electrical with a d3400 underhood and will be give 125 rms to each of the 6.5 midbass.. Im trying to aim for a good balance of bass and mids/high Hah, that was all said and done.. Just went ahead with some knu kollosus
  10. Anyone have experience with that amp? Thinking about running 4 skar 6.5 midbass off this amp 1 in each door?
  11. Chickenwings

    Worst shipping/customer service ever!

    So on march 11th i purchased 20ft of ofc xs flex 0 gauge since thats all what i needed for my install to be completed.. In a coupke days my order status changed to ' awaiting shipment ' nd i patiently waiting until march 24 when it still had the same status.. I emailed support nd they reply telling me that ' we apologize for the mix up, but when you ordered it was in stock but went out of stock so were not able to ship it. Instead would you like the CCA xs power wire and the difference refunded? ' lol... Like are they serious? What kind of bs is that and then offering me to purchase something different rather then what i ordered? Oh well this is my last time ever giving business to this company. Will let all my friends know also. Thank you for wasting time!
  12. Chickenwings

    Electrical sufficent?

    Hmm. Thanks for the input. I am hoping that i dont need to get an h/o alot or even a second battery since i didnt wanna add/spend more money nd stay within stock electrical. I was running this saz2500 @1 ohms on a 15' ssa zcon before this setup, nd i had a h/o alt 220amps nd a yellow optima and hc kinetic 2400 in the trunk and my voltage would still considerably drop even at half volume or so. So thats the reason i dont wanna go through all the trouble of adding extra stuff nd try to keep it to a minimum
  13. Chickenwings

    Electrical sufficent?

    I will be getting the system installed in a week or two hopefully its enough. I will also be installing a stiner volt meter so i should be able to keep an eye on it
  14. Hey there guys just needed some advice on my electrical. I have a 110amp stock alternator and i am running 2 12s skar vvs off a sundown saz2500 @ 2ohms so there getting 1200 rms. i will be running xs flex 0 gauge with a odyessy pc 1500 underhood. I am also running a skar 80.4 with front/rear skar coaxils. Wanted to know if my electrical is sufficent and another question was that using my sundown amp at 2 ohms, will that be less stress on my electrical rather then 1ohm? Thank you
  15. Chickenwings

    Sundown 2500d

    Kk thanks a lot for the quick replies, apreciate it!