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  1. MissFox

    Shipment Ordered.

    Going fast my ass! You get to hear subs everyday at work, I've been baseless in the car for like 2 months.
  2. MissFox

    Local Competition Results!

    But, seriously, those people are mucho special needs. The best part was the explanation that they gave us at the shop and the fact that, at the show they took responsibility but the next day they were saying it was the other people who screwed up. I still think it was sabotage because everyone who was on the team was from a competitors audio store. And the co-hosts had turned down the audio show to co-host in favor of these pricks.
  3. I'm Not French! And I'm not Puerto Rican either!

  4. MissFox

    Impala Metered for the First Time.

    Congrats baby! I'm so proud of you
  5. MissFox

    Now Playing!

    NP: A Skylit Drive - Love The Way You Lie Cover I'm really looking forward to the band releasing a new CD in the near future and think the cover is rather well done.
  6. MissFox

    For The Love of DubStep

    Wow, thanks for the list Sencheezy. Love love love Skrillex. Been a fan of his since his hardcore days
  7. MissFox

    Website Question

    Thank you for the offer. I'm gonna see if I can a copy of the adobe suite this weekend.
  8. MissFox

    Website Question

    To be honest, he wouldn't be doing work professionally considering he's a mechanic apprentice. This is a side thing that he does. So, I'm gonna say no to paying to outsource at this point. It's MikeMartel
  9. MissFox

    Website Question

    Hey, Mike has told me about your website making skills. I know enough html and css to get by, I suppose. That's why if I was going to code a template I would use dreamweaver. Not that confident with the skills. I'd prefer to use a free hosting service but I guess domain's aren't THAT expensive.
  10. MissFox

    Website Question

    Okay, so, as most of you know, MikeMartel has started to build custom sub boxes as a way to earn a bit of money. As an attempt to market hismelf better I offered to make him a website showcasing the builds he's done and such (I'm such a good girlfriend I know). Anyways, I was just wondering, in your guys' opinion, would using a template hosting site such as Webz (formerly freewebs) to make the site come off as a bit lame? I do know how to use the adobe suite so I guess I could find a copy of dreamweaver and make a custom template and blah blah blah but if it's not going to really matter either way then I'm not going to. What are your thoughts and feedback?
  11. MissFox

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    Wow, I really like the way everything looks. I value aesthetically pleasing looking sound systems so kudos!