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  1. Nextiii

    crescendo bc5500 for sale 800$

    Is it the new version?
  2. Nextiii

    crescendo bc5500 for sale 800$

    Bump. 750.
  3. Nextiii

    crescendo bc5500 for sale 800$

    Yes 800 shipped.
  4. I have a bc 5500 for sale 8/10 cosmetic 10/10 link for video of it I had made for a buyer that backed out
  5. I have two ssa 12's freshly reconed. One of the 12's got some green oxidation stuff on the tinsel lead havn't tested it to see if it would effect the performance. Come with two 18" baskets.
  6. Nextiii

    Order #6285

  7. Nextiii

    Order #6285

    can I get a lil update ordered may 5th
  8. Nextiii

    Your order # and when shipped

    how are these order numbers generated im order 6285 unless this is FI order numbers your talking about.nvm didnt read section
  9. do I need to upgrade im runnin 2 18's bc5500 at .5ohm 3 xs d3100's. in challenger the stock wire is 0 gauge copper and i have two runs of knu CCA. this thread had me thinking
  10. Nextiii

    Shipping times good this month?

    Nothing is wrong with my zcons just converting my 18's D2's to 12's unless theres someone who wanted to swap. First time was one of the 18s basket cracked because i didnt have my backseat box anchored correctly and went over a speed bump kinda fast.
  11. i ordered some zcon recones and baskets beginning of may. just trying to get an idea when they would come
  12. Bassing is what i need to take a break from all the money spent going down the lanes... mix a challenger , 2 18's, bc5500 , c1100.4, 8 crescendo pwx 6.5s , 4 selenium 2500 ti's , a wall, and a couble of d3100's and lets see what we get... more images to come
  13. So im trying to do my first recone and the tinsel leads won't fit through the small hole in the terminal, am i suppose to fabricate it somehow? also the tinsel leads on my other zcon 18 looks more round and in one peice and the recone looks flat and folded. I don't want to mess anything up zcon 18 tinsel leads ( looks round and in one piece) old sub zcon recone for broken sub flat looking tinsel leads. Terminal