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  1. Drmmr4life

    Whole system for sale AA,Sundown,Kinetik,Alpine

    What alt will this fit?
  2. Selling or Trading my FI BTL N2 Fully Load 15's. They are D1 coils, still very stiff. One sub is in great condition, the other is the same except the basket was cracked during shipping but has been fixed with a JB weld. Selling because i really need the money, will also trade for some other 15s that are less power. Other trades are welcome to as long as it doesnt require cash on my end.. Any questions let me know, reply/PM/ Text 6036616618
  3. Hey guys, just bought this amp off a kid. Thing is minty minty, barely any sctaches on feet from screws, Comes with Box from crescendo with model number sticker thing, the amp obv, bass knob and wire, and allen wrenches, even the manual! I Need to sell this ASAP! Need money because some bills came in unexpectedly, hate to get rid of it! For fast respose reply/PM/ Text 6036616618
  4. Drmmr4life

    1 amp on each sub in 1 box

    id use a DMM or something because you wannt them as close as possible....is it the same amp? if not i wouldnt even think about it...can you strap ur amps??
  5. Drmmr4life

    Bnib fi sp4 15" d.7

    you have PM good sir
  6. Drmmr4life

    Concept HPN-1500 $200 Shipped

    bump anyone?! I need this gone! Offers
  7. Drmmr4life

    Concept HPN-1500 $200 Shipped

    Like stated Concept HPN 1500 200 shipped. comes with original box, manual. spare 40a fuses. and remote gain knob and wire. Has minor scatches where mounting holes are and other small blemishes. Trades offer me. Want this gone!!! This was clamped 1100rms clean @ 13v. http://www.onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/p_24721_Concept_HPN-1500.aspx
  8. Drmmr4life

    New Build Ideas?!

    Any suggestions on which levels to get?
  9. Drmmr4life

    New Build Ideas?!

    Def not harsh, very informational actually. and max would be 40 wide. somewhere around 25 deep and 20 high....whats subs do you reccomend then?
  10. Drmmr4life

    New Build Ideas?!

    So im in the process of a new build. Ive had a Skar VVX15 and DC Lvl4 18. Def loved the DC more. ( just sold that ) but its so expensive for me to get multiples. For this new build i want to do either 15s or 18s for sake of its cheaper to get louder (meaning price of 1 18s is cheaper than 2 12s of equivalent specs) So my question is what kinda ideas you guys got! At least doing 2 subs. maybe 4 if i can afford. Not sure on Power ( currently have a SAZ1500v1 but wanna upgrade to 3-4k) I have a 99 jeep grand cherokee...willing to cpillar wall......GO! any questions just ask! thanks guys
  11. Drmmr4life

    Help with 18" Box

    tech it is realated cuz i cant test the "other things to play with" i need to try things such as different boxes and tunings and such because thatll give me a noticable difference. small things like box placement and puttings seats a certain way and slight song differences i cant hear the .1-.5 db change. . . . im sorry if im misreading responses but thats how i am perceiving them
  12. Drmmr4life

    Help with 18" Box

    right but without a TL and only 2 runs per comp and no local TL i cant test lol
  13. Drmmr4life

    18" help for noob.

    you say your a newb and want to run some 5500s? and some 18s? Very Brave. . . . do you realize the money and eletrical you need in order to do that??!!? If so let all hell break loose man but