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    Don't call it a come back!

    is he still using the lighter weight mdf? i still have a dual 10 from fisher from long ago and it is a great box
  2. a4b7

    had my first exp. with IA today.....

    good steal!..i miss my 2 flatlyne's. I changed to a more spl oriented setup, but find myself barely cranking it up haha
  3. which t3 do you have?...I had the t2000 in the car for about 2 weeks but barely time to test it/push it. Playtime is the drive to and from work which last about 15 minutes lol. So far I am enjoying it, it's wayyy louder than my previous 2 12's which doesn't surprise me...even though it is not as accurate as the flatlyne's. I bought the sub with the intent of having a daily ground pounder...I have no plans on burping the sub or entering any comps.
  4. I am trying to keep it as light as possible since my car is lowered. I have a full size spare(came with car) in my trunk. With the spare, a full tank of gas, and 1 12" in a small sealed box leaves my wheel well flush with the tires. With the 2 12" flatlynes, it is almost tucking. I know I can raise it but it is a pain in the ass to adjust the coilovers in the rear..so i just left it the way it is for the last couple years. I like the way it looks, handles well...just sometimes not practical when it come to hauling more guest or going across big bumps.
  5. here are the teaser pictures...well not really teaser since you will be able to identify the sub from looking at it. My newest toy...but will still probably try the xcon out when I see one for cheap. I was going to rotate it, but when I did..it made the sub look short and stubby. So just tilt your head or your screen for now lol.
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  8. thanks for all the replies. another company caught my eye and i end up getting something not posted in the poll above. it should be home later tonight! will posted pictures this weekend when i get back into town
  9. a4b7

    Custom Lethal Injection build

    hmm if that is the case I might pick one up for fun...the only thing holding me back are the looks!
  10. yep looks can be deceiving..the li looks larger/deeper but the flatlyne is heavier
  11. for some reason I really want to try the xcon. I am waiting for a good deal on a used one to pop up one day. On a side note..should I use 1 6" aeroport or 2 4" aeroport for the xcon. I bought the 2 4" already since they were on sale on parts express and just read a couple threads that said the 1 6" is better for higher output subs.
  12. I am in the market for another sub again. Going with a single 12 setup ported..can go up to 2.5 cu ft ported tuned low. I might just have a 2.5 cu ft built tuned 30-33hz and drop in one of these subs once I decide which one. I have about 1500-2000 watts on tap at 1 ohm mono. Right now I cant decide what to get next. I see pro and cons for all of these subs...I am thinking I can't go wrong with any of these choices but I want to see if someone can help narrow it down further. Right now I have 2 flatlynes...sounds fantastic!, but I am a basshead and want to go ported and use the full potential of the amp. I have a trunk car so I can only afford to port 1 sub to keep the weight down. Xcon..I read that it is a good mix for spl and also accuracy. I can get a good deal on a used one. Nightshade..has over 2 inches of excursion! only requires a 1.5-2.25 box!,, but then again the heavy weight cancels that out. Will 1500 watts be enough? it seems like everyone is giving it alot more wattage. Also, it is tough to find now since it has been dc'ed. I am looking for a used v2 though. DP..I have owned 2 different lines of IA and I wont mind stepping up another level. Sub is lighter than the xcon and NS...requires 2.5 box avg. However, can't find one used or a good deal yet. DC level 4 XL..weighs slightly more than the xcon. One advantage is that it requires only a 1.5 cu ft box and it is cheaper than the other listed brands. Place your 'opinions' on which one would be the loudest at 1500-2000 watts in their respected enclosure or 2.5 cu ft tuned to 30 hz and still retain some sort of accuracy lol. I know many hate these versus threads..but I am just trying to narrow my options down and I can't seem to do it.
  13. I wanted to try these too, but they were too pricey for me. It does look nice!
  14. The amp I have now is amassive audio n4. its extremely small specs on the amp are as follows: 1000w x 1 @ 2ohm RMS @14.4v 2000w x 1 @ 1ohm RMS @14.4v After wiring it, the load seem to be near or slightly under 2ohms..weird. I double checked my wiring and so assume with all the speaker wires, terminals, etc..then the load won't be a perfect 1 ohm. My electrical sits around 13.5 v so I am not getting full power from the amps either (not that I need it). So hopefully I am getting near 1-1500 watts split between these two subs. here are some pictures the only camera i have is my iphone: 3 Incriminators: typical cd comparison but from the backside: left is the LI, right is the flatlyne..which one is heavier? out with the old (audison), in with the new: ps3 control to show how small it is: real small:
  15. I can now say that I have heard the flatlyne in a sealed enlosure, better yet 2 flatlynes in a sealed enclosure! I ended up buying another 1.44 cu ft enclosure since I already had one lying around from the lethal injection. I had one single flatlyne hooked up to a audison lrx4.1 until the 2nd box came home. First impression, the output is lacking! My IA LI sounded much louder and digged deeper in the sealed and ported box as compared to the sealed LI. I thought that was attributed to the fact that the li was wired in 1 ohm and saw 7-900 watts as opposed to the flatlyne which was wired in 2 ohms and received less watts. However, I knew something was wrong...I checked my wiring and gains. Turned off the subsonic filter and still no drastic change. I finally unplugged the ipod (avic d3) and hooked up my iphone and it was night and day. I had no idea how the signal from the ipod was different from the iphone. After hooking up the iphone, the flatlyne was alot louder than the LI, and dropped much lower than the LI in the ported and sealed box even though it saw less power than the lethal injection. High frequencies had an impact that hits you in the chest and low frequencies the low frequencies unraveled new rattles and loose parts. It was unbelievable! Today the 2nd box came home and I wired the 2 subs to 1 ohm and hooked it up to the lrx4.1 So both subs should have saw roughly 400 watts (way below the rms). Since I was impressed with 1 sealed flatlyne...you can only imagine my impressions with 2 subs. Without the changing any settings, the 2 subs was too much! The bass simply took over the car and front stage. I can barely hear the high frequencies from the tweeters as the bass made the sound flutter (kind of like when you speak into a big fan). It made me realize that I need more power for the front stage. I currently have the massive audio ck6 stage 3 comps off a nine.4 which is rated for 50 watts x 4 at 4 ohms. I will dropped that amp to 2 channel settings soon and d/c the back speakers so the comps will doubled that power. I am no sq fanatic so I will not give a detail review since I am easily pleased as long as it is loud and clear. My audison lrx4.1 has been cutting in and out so I can't demo the subs much (new amp tomorrow). The subs play one minute and it stops the next...no relation to whether im driving or parked. The grounds are redone, and everything is securely hooked up. The light on the amp stays green even though the subs don't play. I am thinking it is the amp since it happened to me when I changed the LI to a ported box and cranked it up more. But before that it played flawlessly for the last 2 years.