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  1. anyone here heard of nvx? how do their amps rank up against the rest? interested to hear your opinions and experiences.
  2. i just bought a gcon too and have been looking at some of these same amps. which one did you go with?
  3. Ordered the GCON!! cant wait to get it, but the build wait time is good since now I have to look for an amp to power the sub. I'm considering the one's recommended by members above, and also doing some browsing of my own.
  4. My only concern is that since these are "tuner" subs, by not putting them in an optimal box configuration that they suddenly may not perform as good as mainstream subs designed to work in varying situations like perhaps the alpine swr-10d4 or jl 10w3v3 or pioneer ts-w2502. If you guys think that they will still perform on par or better, then I'll be getting a dcon or gcon. Since my car is a hatchback, it will get plenty loud inside regardless, so i'm more interested in the bass sounding tight.
  5. The mounting depth on the thunderform box is 7 3/4" so it will fit all of the subs mentioned so far. My goal is to get some clear, deep, hard hitting bass for listening to metal and electro. I am most concerned with sound quality over just making my windows rattle, which is why i decided to consider these subs instead of mainstream big brands. And it sounds ironic since im trying to do it with the tunderform box but thats just because I already have that box. I picked the 1500 amp because with the gcon (750w) i can run D4 so the amp puts out 1000 or with the DCON (300w) i could run the S4 so the amp puts out 500, and ive read 4ohm sounds best. I'm curious what makes the skar a bad choice in general? Is it better to use a bridged 2ch amp instead of a mono? or is it just easier to find a better quality amp for cheaper that way? because i was also looking into the AQ1200D I already have the tunderform box, and im trying to keep using it because i need the rest of the trunk space for the car's t-tops.
  6. Hello! I have a 2000 Camaro with a thunderform 10" sub box (http://thunderforms...._2002/show.html). I was about to get some crappy pioneers but then I came across SSA and am considering the DCON, Skar VVX, maybe a GCON, or something one of you might recommend. My concern is that because the box is so limited (.6 ft3 sealed) if these subs will still sound any good, because I understand that they are engineered to be tuned and be in the right box. I'd be getting a new amp to btw, i'm thinking the Audiopipe APSM-1500. Let me know if you recommend a sub or if you think one of these wouldn't be a good choice for me. Any feedback would really help!