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  1. neo_styles

    HDS 210

    Didn't you just get the DCON/Khaotik combo in your trunk?
  2. neo_styles


    I'd say yes and no to what I bolded. If you're chasing numbers on the meter, a scope is invaluable. I always tell people who don't own an oscilloscope to tune by ear. It was the advice I got from Stephen Mantz on how to tune his equipment, so I took it and ran with it. BUT...I remember reading something about the human ear only picking up on distortion closer to the 10% threshold, so going full tilt on your sub(s) probably requires a bit more due diligence than just a by-ear tune, especially if you're planning to go far beyond rated power to them. In this situation? Absolutely, tune with your eyes, ears, and nose. If someone tries to hand you a DD-1, just laugh. Tuning to a blinking light instead of using an iota of knowledge in car audio is starting to breed a lot of problems. Finally, OP, I don't know diddly squat about SoundQubed's bass knobs, but if there's any doubt, substituting it for an extra pair of RCAs and a PAC LC-1 should be high on your list.
  3. neo_styles

    Chop's 85' S10 (single cab) * 3 18"s (4th order)

    This build would be insane by my standards, but for you? Just another walk in the park, right?
  4. neo_styles

    2005 tahoe road to 150+ db

    God, those Singer alts always come out looking great. Hopefully it stands the test of time. Nice build log and look forward to seeing you continue to kick ass!
  5. neo_styles

    US Acoustics Barbara Ann Review

    Great review, Julian, and I'm glad you're happy with the B.A. Now I just have to figure out if I want to go for this or the Leviathan on my next build. I mean do I really NEED 300+ watts to those Mirus coaxials? Interested to see what you think of this long-term.
  6. neo_styles

    2001 Tahoe daily driver

    Top-notch work, bud. I'm kinda envious seeing as how this is VERY much in line with what I hope to be doing by the end of the year. Demo video came out extremely well, btw.
  7. Damp Pro is great stuff, but damn if it isn't hard to shape when it's not hot outside. I have the 18" Death Row, so I'm definitely curious to see what you end up thinking of the Judges. Just don't forget to weatherproof those speaker rings before you close up the whole build.
  8. I swear to God, I thought they were covering Black Sabbath.
  9. Regardless, I'm still all ears. What would make me really happy is tune the amps to just below known distortion and control levels with a remote knob for staging Why bother. Then you'll change music and have to do it again. Remote knobs suck for staging, not at all the purpose. Matching should be your goal. How you "match" is for you to decide as it is your ears, not mine.Add to that setting your gains to some Dave Holland or Charles Mingus isn't going to make you happy. I was just going to use some Gregorian chants and bluegrass, but thanks for ruining that for me. Find something dynamic and unclipped...got it.
  10. neo_styles

    Do You Trap?

    Trap in SMALL DOSES. I can't listen to the stuff non-stop or I feel like there's a mosquito constantly flying around my ears. THIS song, though...love this song
  11. Regardless, I'm still all ears. What would make me really happy is tune the amps to just below known distortion and control levels with a remote knob for staging
  12. M5, any suggestions on preferred dynamic material for setting gains? I'm sure there's a few Sean fan favorites out there
  13. neo_styles

    Post Your Home Audio Setups Here!

    Let my KEFs break in for a bit and threw some intentionally-subpar source material at it. That's what the KEFs sounded like on a 320 AAC AirPlay stream from my laptop to an AppleTV. Not half bad...