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  1. SynCity

    RE XXX 6.5" Mids. XBL^2

    price drop to $400 shipped.
  2. SynCity

    RE XXX 6.5" Mids. XBL^2

    This thread has alot of info on them http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/member-reviews-product-comparisons/665-resonant-engineering-xxx-7-a.html
  3. SynCity

    RE XXX 6.5" Mids. XBL^2

    thanks, forgot the sheet of paper.
  4. SynCity

    RE XXX 6.5" Mids. XBL^2

    Have two sets (4 total) of the highly sought after RE XXX XBL^2 6.5" mids. One set I played for about a month in some bookshelf boxes other set is brand new in box. 10/10 Condition on both sets $250 per set shipped $450 for both sets shipped Located in Las Vegas. Once in a lifetime chance to buy brand new set of these mids. XXX 6.5" Mids RE: 1.75 Ohms FS:47.4 Hz Qms: 2.33 Qes: 0.59 Qts: 0.473 Mms: 15.04 g Cms: 7.505E-04 Vas: 21.49 ltr 1-way Xmax: 13mm linear Le: 0.14mH Bl: 3.636 t/m Power: 150wrms Spl: 87.75 dB 1W/1m
  5. For sale is my Custom Ascendant Audio SMD 18" D1 Carbon Fiber Dustcap 7 Stiff Spiders. Brand new, Never seen power. A few years ago I got with Ascendant Audio and my friends at 6651 Customs in Las Vegas to build this sub. I got the parts unfinished from Ascendant and the guys at 6651 painted (Candy Green) and hydrodipped ($100 bills) all pieces. I'm selling this because I think i'm going to go a different route with my build and need the money to help build it. $850 Have the original shipping crate and will ship to continental US at buyers expense. (This sub weighs on the heavier side of 100lbs)
  6. SynCity

    Has anyone ever heard of VIBE?

    Fry's started selling their amps about 2 months ago. friend picked up one of there Slick a.2 amps for his mids/highs, i think it was a 600 or 800w. they seem to be pretty close to true wattage. it ain't too bad. for there mono's they are a bit more costy then the rest of electronic stores brands. and i've yet to hear/look at the mono's up close. The amp has a rubberized coating and comes with some little extras (stickers, a nice polyester bag, and a nifty little key chain).
  7. SynCity

    Big Truck Big Bass

    very clean amp rack. and very nice truck
  8. okay... i really didnt ask if i could lay down or not, i understand the whole tower idea. but does that explain the users views on the product?
  9. i just had some weird dreams i was being bitten by blackwidow spiders on my left hand and woke up in a panic. (i'm terrified of spider). so it lead me to go to soundstreams website to look at what kind of amps they offer. i see this D tower thing looks pretty sweet. anybody have any experience with it? i found a place on ebay that sell is it for 328 each. they only problem i really see with it is you cannot lay it down. ebay D-Tower also that cant be right... can it? direct 4 awg power?!
  10. SynCity

    Subwoofer choice?

    whats it going into? i think atleast 2 sealed 8's would sound pretty decent. seeing your interests are SPL then i would suggest just listen to stock till you get the money for the nightshade. no sense in spending on upgrades if upgrading is in your near future.
  11. SynCity

    throwing out some more blow through ideas

    i'll tell you that 2 15" ssd's sound amazing with the right box. friend has 2 in his silverado (4 door) port through. and it hits hard enough to flex his roof (no deadner). yet a 18" BTL sounds like it would be cool as well. how much bed space you trying to occupy and whats the budget?
  12. SynCity

    Rear View Mirror

    make a flexible rubber rearview that way it sways with the vibes. or perhaps get a slinky and use that as the brace
  13. whats it take to install one? just hook it to the hu or cig lighter wires?
  14. SynCity


    i'll tune in for a caliber build. got a magnum my self (got it for the whole reason of audio). Does having 2 different subs sound like crap?