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    they do not.... thats why the SP4's came out.. basically they tested the waters with the BL and the 4" coil.... It proved to be a success, they then made a new driver around the 4" coil AKA SP4
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    md2d.. Should I

    Now here is some great service!
  3. Hey everyone, been a while since i've posted last, however im starting to get back to fine tuning my setup and noticed on Fi's website they have a new option called hyper pole piece (or close to that) and was wondering is the new 09 model much better then the 08 models? I ordered my 2 18" BL's mid year in 08 (August 08) and it is fully loaded with every option and cooling etc.. they still sound excellent, but was wondering if selling them and buying these new models are even worth the time? Thanks