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  1. ExplicitYourSelf

    How Good Is Your Port?

    Original link works for me. Click on it/file/save as and name it and choose a location and then open it.
  2. ExplicitYourSelf

    Total Midbass Confusion

    Great thread.
  3. ExplicitYourSelf

    FI Q vs. IA Lethal Injection

    Sorry to bring this back from the dead...OP, what subs did you end up going with? whats your opinion on the setup of subs you went with? Thanks
  4. as the title what are your thoughts on doing this? what are the pros and cons on using this type of power cable to run from my engine bay battery to my rear distributor block. i curruntly have kicker flex power and 4 awg from battery to dist block and 4 awg continued to two amps.my amps sundown saz 1000.1 d and a cadance xenith series 125.2. in currently runnig my sundown at two ohm and i what to be prepared to run the amp at 1 ohm in the future. feed back would be great thanks
  5. ExplicitYourSelf

    How to adjust/tune my head unit and amp for my front components.

    I read the manual for the components and it didnt show much, there was a graph but it is too small to understand. I also read a few things on the manual from my head unit but it doesnt explain what i want to be answered
  6. I would like to know if anyone has any tips on how to adjust/tune my head unit and amp so i can get the best preformance and sound quality without messing anything up... My head unit is a pioneer DEH P3100UB and my amp for my front stage components is a cadence xenith. A thiong on the head unit i kinda dont understand is when i am on EQ 2 if i remember correctly on the option for highs i can adjust from 1k, 8k, 10k, or 12k and another option i can choose is 1w, 2w, 1n, or 2n. I dont really know what that stuff means or is and under the mids it gives me the option of 200hz, 500hz. Cant remember what else from the top of my head, sorry. But it also gives me the option 1w, 2w, 1n, or 2n. And on the low it gives me the option of different frequencies but i left that at 50HZ since I was told to leave it there and it also gives me the option 1w, 2w, 1n, or 2n. Tips would be great THNX. Her is what is installed in my car EF-61NEO/DRT-25 PRO -CDT Audio 6.5" Slim NEODYMIUM Component System with DRT-25 TweetersEF-61NEO/DRT-25 PRO - CDT Audio 6.5" Slim NEODYMIUM Component System with DRT-25 Tweeters Cadence Xa125.2 Linear Class AB Stereo http://www.cadencestore.com/ProductCart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=156&idproduct=516 Pioneer DEH P3100UB http://www.pioneer.eu/eur/products/archive/DEH-P3100UB/index.html
  7. ExplicitYourSelf

    What size ANL fuses to use??

    i never mentioned that im using a 8awg...would i be safe throwing a 100a fuse near the battery and 2 80a fuses btw i have 4 awg from the dist block to my two amps.the reason i want to use the 80a fuse for the candace is becuz i have a fuse laying aroound
  8. ExplicitYourSelf

    What size ANL fuses to use??

    The way i was thinking was 1 fuse depending on the amprage of the amp and the main fuse by the battery. The total amprage of both amps. Thats the only thing i could think of. Or how does this stuff work??
  9. Hello, I just placed an order on the SSA store for a sundown SAZ-1000.1D And i am in process of purchaseing some fuses and wold like a bit of help. Im running a 4 Guage from the front battery to a ANL fuse holder and it runs back to a mini ANL fused distributor block along to my two amps which will be the sundown SAZ-1000.1D(not shure what fuses it caries) and a Cadence Xenith series amp for my front components(This amp has a 30A fuse on it). What size fusing would you guys suggest me to use on my ANL fuse holder and my mini ANL fused distributor block?? Help would be great. Im trying to get prepared for when i recive the amps. By the way, for the moment i will use the sundown audio amp at a 2ohm load. The power wire im using is made by kicker and is known as 4AWG flex rated to handle 1000 watts RMS. Feedback would be great. THNX If you have any links on where i can get a good deal on fuses. Let me know THNX again
  10. ExplicitYourSelf

    IA lethal injection or fi ssd

    ok Thanks
  11. ExplicitYourSelf

    IA lethal injection or fi ssd

    the lethal injection i can get for $202 shipped and the ssd $280 fully loaded.i will probably be going with the lethal injection since its cheaper. If i want to run at a 1 ohm do i need to buy the d1?
  12. ExplicitYourSelf

    IA lethal injection or fi ssd

    What do you guys think i should go with and why or wat do you guys suggest? The amp im planning to get is a sundown saz1000.1d the box im planning to put the sub in is a 2.25 at 32hz. The music I listen to is trance/hip-hop. Nothing has been ordered/made so what do you guys think i should go with. I want something that can get loud and still sound good. Keep in mind this is a single sub setup. Feed back would be great Thanks.
  13. not sure this topic belongs here like the title states looking buy a stereo that plays cd mp3s,am fm radio and my ipod.if you guys have ran into some thing simlar feed back would be great
  14. no i have not, The sub i want to power is an 12" L7 kicker dvc 4ohm. So if i was to get the saz-1000D how would that do on a 2 ohm load?? the sub handles 750rms.I have a 01 chevy blazer stock alternator. Big 3 upgrade using 1/0 gauge, yellow optima battery