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    2013 Tundra Build (slow)

    That's one heck of an update. Looks great!
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    Thinking of switching sub setup..

    That is terrible advice. Dss recommends 1.5 ft3 tuned to 32hz with 40in2 of port. You would get terrible performs out of the ethos 12" in that large of an enclosure. Chances are you would also damage it. The reason I love SSA is because of the solid accurate advise so please stop given such bad advice.
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    Thinking of switching sub setup..

    Are you seriously suggesting 4 cu ft for a 12"?
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    Hello All!

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    Another Basshead Checking In....

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    DSS Tridents and Twisted Sounds S-10. Road to 166dBs

    Very interested in your results with the tantric set up.
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    While my subs are away, I guess I will play.....

    The new vinyl looks awesome!
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    Looks great!
  9. Picked up my diehard platinum today. This is the largest they offered that I could fit with the positive post on the right. Next size up was the group 31 marine battery and it was just to tall. I can't complain went from my old non agm group 24 to a group 35 agm.
  10. They will match any verified online pricing or coupon you can find. The guy was just being a dick then. All I had to do was show him a screen shot of my phone with the low price. I think he couldn't figure it out just like M5 mentioned. Honestly not sure. They were really nice about it and set it aside for me until I ordered it online. Plus I called in. It's a 25 mile drive for me to get to sears so I didn't want to chance it. I'll be picking mine up Saturday. Thanks again for starting this thread hydrox.
  11. Just a heads up. I went to my local sears and they told me I could only get the super low price if I ordered it online for store pick up. Not sure if all sears stores will be like this, but you may want to give them a call first before wasting a trip out.
  12. Sweet looking build!
  13. I apologize for the confusion. You answered my question. I understand about having to account for displacement when calculating net volume. I just wanted to make sure I was correct using the net volume in the equation. From reading your last post I now know I was correct in doing so. Thank you for all your patience and help.
  14. Hello everyone. I am redesigning my enclosure for my 15" ethos for different mounting options. When I use the Torres calculator I am using the total net feature with 3 cu ft and also 3 common walls since it is a slot port. Using a port that is 4x18.5 at 56" long gives me a tuning of 31.94 hz and 74 in2 of port. Then when I use the same size port in the carstereo.com calculator it tells me 48.5" of length is required to give me 32hz tuning. So my question is which one should I use. In sketch up I am designing the port by measuring down the center. Thank you in advance for the help.
  15. Note that the above equation for port length is not taking port displacement into account.E.g. arbitrary values but say you have box volume 2 ft^3, port area 20 in^2, tuning 30hz, port length 25" The above values for the port and tuning are based upon a box volume of 2 ft^3, but the port itself is displacing (20 in^2 x 25in)*1ft^3/1728in^3 is 0.29 ft^3 so the net volume is now 1.7 ft^3 since the volume is actually less than what was used for calculation the actual tuning will be higher than 30hz. So you have to either play around with the numbers until you end up with the volume, tuning, and port length needed, or you simply add the port volume to the box volume and come up with new box dimensions (if you have the space), you can also calculate it here: http://box.bitpusher.in/enclosure/?page=portlength Also don't forget to account for the thickness of the port depending on the enclosure it may or may not be negligible. Alright well now I am a bit confused. I used the given formula for using port area and got 57.8" of port length when using the 3 cu ft and 74 in2 of port area. The part I am confused about is where in the formula am I looking to see the reduction in volume. I see where it is converting it to cubic inch but not changing the overall volume. I was initially under the impression that I would need to use the net volume. Sorry for the newb question but up until now I was relying on the Torres calculator. I just want to make sure I get the tuning length right.
  16. Thanks for all the input. I didn't realize it was so simple to just do it by hand. I will do the math when I get a chance and post the results.
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    My new truck. Decent Picture. <3

    Sweet ride
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    (4) 18" DC Level 4's and (2) DC 3.5k's

    Wow the new paint job looks great. Can't wait to see the dc audio gear installed.
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    new from New England!! RI

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    New Member from Bama

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    2006 Nissan Titan

    Hello everyone, I wanted to get a build log going for my recent purchase. Just bought a DSS 15" Ethos (2 Ohm) and will be running it off my PPI BK1800.1 in a 3.32 cu ft net enclosure tuned to 32.13 Hz. Here is a list of my set up so far. Nothing special. 2006 Nissan Titan Audio: Sundown Audio E10V2 (4 Ohm) 1.25 cu ft net enclosure tuned to 36 Hz PPI BK1800.1D Sky High Audio 1/0 and 8 gauge wiring Performance: JBA Longtubes, Secondary cat delete with resonators, 2.5" to 3" borla catback and uprev tuned. Future plans: Upgrade battery to diehard platinum and sound deadening Anyways on to the pics up until now: Picture of the Truck Video of the exhaust set up: First enclosure I built (1 cu ft tuned to 35 Hz): Most recent enclosure I built(1.25 cu ft tuned to 36 Hz) Amp Rack I built for under my passenger side seat(8 gauge speaker wire will be installed as soon as the new woofer shows up) After Big 3 and terminal upgrade(battery will be replace very soon): 1/0 Sky High compared to my factory ground and old 4 gauge Some Amp Pics of my PPI BK1800.1D: Adapter harness my buddy made to retain my factory deck: Small amount of deadening I had: Picture of the new enclosure design for My 15" ethos when it gets here: Thanks for Looking
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    2006 Nissan Titan

    Thanks for the compliments guys. Here are a couple more pics. I ended up getting it installed but don't have any pics of it because it is pouring down right now. I absolutely need to design a way to secure this, but at least I got it playing. I barely have any play time on it but I am extremely impressed. Even with the windows up I could feel this thing moving a lot of air while playing stuff in the 27-32 hz range. I have never felt that in any of my previous set ups. I can definetely tell it needs to loosen up a bit and I can't wait. Another thing I forgot to mention was my speaker wire is definetely overkill. I had to trim quite a bit to fit it in the ethos terminals. Fit great in the amp though. Lol
  23. Those look loud. I see you also lost your rear view mirror too. Lol