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  1. As of now (until I tore if all out) running 4 fiaudio ssd 18s, skar 4500, 4 deep cycle batteries, mech man 320 alt, pioneer 5a head unit, a bunch of 0gauge , custom ground bar. Going to 2 mech man 320 ,8 group 31s ,8 18s, 2 skar 4500s strapped, and wanting to wall /4th order style it all. Starting thinking clam style or something but trying to get ideas abut what would be the best for these subs and most efficient. And of course loudest.
  2. Thanks for the reply 95honda. Any insight on box design? Been running a lot through my head for doing all 8 like I'd like but unsure because they call for such air space.
  3. Running 4 Fi audio ssd 18s at the moment and now I'm trying to decide and get ideas if possible to run 6 or 8 in my 99 tahoe. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!