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  1. gerront

    Heres what ive been busy on

  2. gerront

    Trunk Battery

    An additional battery would help. But dont expect a large increase in peformance....but hey every little bit helps. You REALLY need to get the Big 3 done. You will get better performance out of your current battery and your alternator.
  3. Maybe something got pinched or moved when you were running that 0 gauge. Did you have to run the wire down the drivers side of the car? If so, make sure something didnt intefere with the paking brake switch.
  4. Then you need to check your voltage with a meter while the car is running...... Or disconnect the 2nd battery and see if the light goes off then......
  5. gerront

    Heres what ive been busy on

    The car has now since been painted with new blacl projector headlights w/ 8500k hid headlights.... More pics to follow when i get time to take some new pictures and when its not dark outside....
  6. gerront

    Heres what ive been busy on

    Im thinking more and more about trying one of those DCONS....hmmmm
  7. gerront

    Heres what ive been busy on

    Ok wise guy. I mean the biggest i can get for $150 or less...... I dont want something HUGE...just something biger than your average off the shelf 12" and what not.
  8. No im saying your battery light should only be on, if the car is running off the battery or batteries and the vehicle is NOT seeing any additional power from your alternator. Example. If you turn your key forward without cranking vehicle, your battery light should be on. When you crank the car, the battery light should go away once it sees that the alternator has kicked on and is charging. If your Battery light is staying on, then your alternator may have went out. But since you said the power steering went out as well.... alot of vehicles have a one belt running the alternator and power steering pump. I would advise you to pop your hood and check for a missing belt, or at the very least check your voltage while the car is running.......
  9. gerront

    Heres what ive been busy on

    Well here is what ive been working on the past few months. Finally got all the body work done and had the car painted. Ive got most of the stereo going and just have to figure out what to do on the subwoofer. I dont want to add to much weight to the car. But im working with a MTX 81000D and looking to run either one big 12" or 2 10"s i do believe. I really dont want to spend more than $150 on the subs either..... Any input there wouls be greatly appreciated...... Pictures will be up in just a minute...
  10. Usually the battery light stays on when its running off of the battery by itself and its not seeing any voltage from the alternator. If thats the case,....and your power steering went out....would there happen to be a belt off or broken under the hood to take out the steering and the alternator??? Only logical ansewr i can come up with ........
  11. gerront

    Weird box design

    The port is going all around the front of the box......Very interesting idea...Never seen this done before. The only thing i can tell is that it would need some significant bracing, which would also block some port area and potentially give you some port noise.......But i could be wrong....NEVER seen this done before. Port noise or not, it would be worth it to try it out.
  12. gerront

    Making your own bass knob?

    See if you can find something here. You should be able to adjust it from the power side of the amplifier with one of these. Good luck. Hope this helps..... #1 Volume Control | Custom Installed Audio Volume Control $14.95