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    I'm running old school PPI PC 2150 and PC 275, and 2 12'' older Rockford fosgate P1 subs in sealed boxes, the ones with the big plastic cover over the maget. They have awsome sound quauity, the PPI PC class amps are top notch amps. I'm running them at 60hrz sound quality is amazing, 60hrz on these amps gives you a wide band width. these amps are so powerful that the gains are off on both the PC2150 and th PC 275. The amps barley get warm. I listen to pop music on the radio, the new POP music pumps out some serious bass. I'm running a Tsanmi 40 farid cap, my deck is an old school Alpine CDA 7965 2001 sund quality deck, has no deck power, need amps. have a old school Aduio Control 3 way crass over EQ and line driver all in one, great little unit. Front mids are Alpine 6 1/2'' and Tweeters are Soundstream ring radiator. I think your going way to over kill on the mids, my system has amazing thundering quailty and bass, I'm getting full blend of mid bass through my subs because my amp is set at 60hrz. My car is a 2006 Toyota Matrix hatch back, my 2 12'' subs sound like 4 12's. I've been told my system sounds like a concert. Go figure that both those PPI PC Class apms are still running strong, were talking 1997 folks, both amps have the original void stickers still in tacked. Were going on 22 years, I've been running these amps for a year and a half without any issues. Just wanted to say that it really makes a really big difference in what amp your using and what your cross overs are set at. Old school made in the USA is the way to go.
  2. I've been enjoying my old school set up, Powered by Old School Precision Power PC2150 for sub duty and a PC275 for my mids and highs, both amps are from 1997 never been repaired original void stickers still in tacked. I'm running 2 NOS 12'' Rockford Fosgate P1's, there the ones with a big plastic cover over the magnet, to make the magnets look big, sealed boxes. Let me tell you those subs sound incredible with those old school PPI amps. My head unit is an old school Alpine CDA - 7965 year 2001 sound quality deck, has no deck power, you can only use amplifiers with this deck. I'm running a Tsanmi 40 FARID CAP. I have a old school Audio Control cross over in the glove box its a 3 in one. Mids and highs are 6 1/2'' alpine mids and sound steam ring radiator tweeters. This system sounds incredible, Sound quality and SPL. Both the gains are off on the PC 2150 and the PC275 yes people off. I own allot of of old school car amps and these old school PPI PC amps are amazing. go figure 21 year old amps and running and sounding and feeling the music. All I listen to is the radio by the way, all the new POP song playing some serious bassy music. The amps are so dependable I had a loose ground and the amps kept going into protect until I figured out what was wrong. I tighend up the ground and the amps worked like new. I can't say enough about the old school PPI PC Class amps. The bigger amps are fan cooled, my PC 2150 is fan cooled, doesn't barley get warm. I'm able to have the gains in the off position because the P1 subs magnet are so tinny, the size of 6 x 9 magnets. Any questions feel free to hit me up.