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  1. People are making this way more complicated than it has to be. No, it is not a good idea to use the power wire from the stock amp. For a small upgrade you can run a new 8ga. power wire with fuse, this is not very expensive. Sonicelectronix has 8ga. kits starting at $10.99 For signal simply use a line out converter to convert the factory amplifier's speaker outputs (purple/green+ green/white-) to RCA level, also inexpensive. Sonicelectronicx has these starting around $9. Another option that may save even more money is to choose an amplifier with speaker level inputs. So with a budget of $600 this leaves you $580 for an amp, sub box and sub(s). Many people here assume everyone wants audio on the extreme high end, if you are just looking to increase the bass output from an otherwise factory system you can absolutely do that. It's not going to shake the mirrors off the truck but will be better than what you have now.
  2. All you need is enough to carry 240a 10ft, one run of 1/0 ofc is sufficient. I would do one power and one ground run. More runs will not hurt anything but 1/0 ofc is definitely capable of carrying 240a over 10ft.
  3. gss

    SSA GCON or ICON in sealed box

    The GCON has a plug in the pole so rear clearance is not really an issue. The GCON works well in a sealed enclosure.
  4. gss

    Bought Me A New (to me) Car

    Husky Liners, a little cheaper but not much
  5. gss

    Wiring 8 ohm Pro Audio speakers

    nothing about this speaker and amplifier combination makes any sense to me
  6. Rockford P1000X5. Just swapped one saturday in place of an Alpine PDX-5, was very impressed with the Rockford.
  7. gss

    Now an Authorized DC Audio Dealer.

    That's awesome. Nice to see SSA continue to offer the coolest brands in car audio all in one place.
  8. that is for an aftermarket radio, the stock unit does not have a "park brake wire". The info is fed to the radio via data
  9. I seen that.. I thought that someone on here may have a trick or something i haven't heard or thought of.. I was thinking maybe instead of useing the the parking brake maybe they used the transmission or a speed sensor? I would try the ground wire but it only plays while the truck is in park with the break on or off..It's a little more complicated than that with an OE system, it obtains the info through the vehicle's CAN bus data. The system knows everything, if it's in park, if the park brake is on, and if the vehicle is in motion and what speed. It is not a simple work around like an aftermarket unit, you need to manipulate the vechile data at the BCM
  10. Nav-tv has a module to do video in motion in that truck, not cheap though
  11. gss

    8s vs 12s on prefab enclosure

    pretty sure they wont fit but worth looking in to both boxes list mounting depth at 5.375"and that's exactly what the DCON is
  12. gss

    8s vs 12s on prefab enclosure

    Sundown SD 10's would work well. I would also consider DCON 10's
  13. Line out converter (LOC) Have a look at the audio control LC7i with an ACR1. That will give you what you are after. Put one in an F-150 today that had the factory Sony system.
  14. gss

    Fi subs

    which Fi subs? what coil configuration?
  15. i had the same problem, it's the back panel against the heat sink. I took it off and put some foam tape down the sides where it makes contact, problem solved.