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    Just pulled this out of my oven...5 min ago. And I know nothing of this high gluten flour you speak of. Lol. Just flour, sugar, dried legumes, dried peppers, asian noodles and rice. Have some smaller containers of stuff that fit in those categories, but am in the middle of re-organizing my pantry and everything.
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    Here's pics as promised. Can see a bin I stared for my for my compost pile with scrap plywood. Also can see chickens fuck up a lawn. But they are great mulchers.
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    I’ll give you Dutch. A Dutch oven that is!
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    And I am not hoarding...lol. 00 Flour in town is $14 for 2lbs. This beast was $30. I've used 25lbs of flour this month so the pics above showing 150lbs of flour or so is indeed months worth....but only because I can't buy reasonable sizes anymore. Said fuck it and got big containers to hold it all.
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    Made use of the Audi today.
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    This turd is growing on me.
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    Change is hard for people who have been doing anything for a long time
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    DSP Tuning Session Picture 1 - Tweeter Settings Picture 2 - Midbass Settings Picture 3 - Subwoofer Settings This process is dope as hell and it's very interesting to see how speakers react to different crossover points(Hz) as well as crossover slopes(db). Sitting in my car for hours already tuning just to find a spot to turn it up and not disturb others as well. Butterworth for mids and tweets, Linkwitz Riley for sub.
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    I bet you would....
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    Don’t know why you’re quoting me from over 3 years ago to state something that has nothing to do with what you quoted.
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    great build! Most ppl run LR xovers for whatever reason. No hard and fast rules in car audio.
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    The picture is pretty clear without any adjustments, excuse the glare in the images.
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    All done for now. Its getting too hot outside to turn the DSP on an tune the speakers will do all that later on tonight but she is working. Amp DSP both have green light action.
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    Thanks man. I actually went back yesterday and got the front two windows 5% just like the back windows. Literally just finished up the radio install 30 minutes ago. Buttoning that up as well, pictures to commence once done.
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    Here is what I built initially...before realizing my error. And used to teach a 9yr old how to bond pvc It is probably fine actually for herbs / lettuce which was my pre-covid need. Things I realized now: -I severely underestimated my plant density. ie, one basil plant isn't enough. -Root structure will make a problem for anything larger -Pink lights are brutal on the eyes and my neighbors all think, hmmm.
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    I’ve been composting the wet leaves and stems so we will see LOL
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    Crappy pic, but my dog and a deer in the yard this afternoon, just chillin.
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    100 shitake plugs getting seeded as well. Trying to amp up my supplied from home game. Figure if I have herbs, tomatoes, & lettuce we are pretty golden. Of course, squash, rhubarb, corn, green beans, apples, plums we get from the farm along with beef. Pork from a local pig farm. Makes me feel a bit more independent of our food supply. Doesn't hurt that Matt has me baking now. Some killer breads change your diet completely. Had to change up my storage Because of this
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    Old dash bezel vs new one, bag full of wire harnessing.
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    Decided against using the amp board and just mounting my amp straight to box, I have vibration dampers that will go underneath the amp's feet. View of Front Stage Amp and DSP from trunk opening.
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    Long over due tint job. Front Doors - Ceramic 30% Rear Doors / Back Glass - Ceramic 5% Panoramic Sunroof - Ceramic 50%
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    Ground wire is complete, covered in wire loom and two layers of electrical tape for protection. I also zip tied to keep the tape from unsticking together from the engine heat and Texas heat.
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    SSA front stage amplifer is fully installed, here are a few updated pictures.
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    Had nothing to do with my post Sir, I tried to find the owner to ask him some questions about one of his amplifier brands ... but no luck. I'm not sure if he was at World Finals or not ... There was no Manufacturer's booth for them ... Again ... Considering that the thread title reads ... My post was primarily on the performance of the amplifiers during World Finals ... Nothing more ... Great. And my statement you quoted there was regarding the douchbaggery of the company owner. Glad we were able to get that cleared up. I was really confused for a moment.