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    Pruned all new members since 7/15, renewed our IBP license which should activate Spam prevention again, and deleted most of the spam topics I saw, should be a clean forum again. Enjoy.
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    And the exhaust all but done. Building H-pipe... Front half assembled and welded.... I made a few adjustments since the pics and added chrome tips as well.
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    The only real reason for a double din is the center console I installed has a spot for one. Once I thought about realtime use, I decided an easy to find volume knob was a high priority. Being as I already have that unit in Annie's car, I am familiar with it. A few shots of the front upholstery since I never posted them. The white that was in there was nasty AF.
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    I understand that I wanted to stay in lower classes with this truck, but I feel that to get any higher than an 80 ... I will need to redo my A-pillars. Stage Width just will not go beyond the pillars. Best place that I can move the tweeters is to the Sail Panels. However, I'm scared I will loose Stage height and depth ... If they go anywhere else, it will bump me up into Mod Street Class and this whole year in Street Class will be a waste ... You know what ??? Fuck it !!! I just emailed a friend to get some Fiberglass work done to the Avalanche ... I've always said that the midrange drivers is the heart of an Audiophile system. So this is what I want ... Or for the most part, moving the tweeters to the sail panels and going more like this ... Moving the 5.25" driver closer to the sail panels to match the tweeter location ... If I use a 4" driver, I will move into MECA Moddex. The 5.25" driver will move me into Extreme Class, but Fuck it. I have the drivers and the ability to use them ... What you guys think ???
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    Some notes on using Audio Nirvanas in car audio systems: 1. Even though Audio Nirvana are full range, they can also be used to replace existing drivers in 2, 3, or 4 way systems. The crossover will limit the frequencies that the Audio Nirvanas will play--when set up this way--but the quality of the music they produce will be far superior to the speakers you are replacing. 2. The power rating of your amplifier is not important. Even though Audio Nirvanas require only a fraction of 1 watt--when playing--we have customers that use even TWO 1000 watt monobloc amplifiers with our speakers. A speaker will only take the power it requires from the amplifier--that's what a volume control is for. And volume controls raise the power very gradually. The first 1/4 movement of your volume control--even with 1200 watt amplifiers--will probably only cover a few watts. We call these 'exponential' volume controls. They add power very slowly, at first. And many power amplifiers--even though they are Class A/B--will actually operate in pure Class A, for the first few watts. So you may get much higher quality reproduction, from your amplifier, with our speakers. 3. Our speakers are rated at 8 ohms and I know that many car audio amps are rated for 4 ohms. But don't worry. Amplifiers can be damaged by lower ohm speakers than they're rated for. But higher ohms are fine. A higher ohm rated speaker (say, our Audio Nirvana 8 ohm speakers operating with your 4 ohm amp) will require more power to play as loud as a 4 ohm speaker would. But since Audio Nirvana only require 1/10 of watt--for normal listening--requiring twice the power is irrelevant. 4. On our website, at www.commonsenseaudio.com, there is a tab at the top labeled 'more info'. If you click on this, you will see a link to driver specifications. Specifications are really not important, but there are diagrams with dimensional drawings of our speakers. This will help you decide if the Audio Nirvana will fit in your mounting location. Why are specs not important? Because (you'll be surprised to learn) there are no fixed industry standards for testing speakers. Yes, that's right. No standard test temperature, humidity, test baffle, or anechoic chamber. So, the numbers you see are approximations at best. 5. Hookup wire. Because Audio Nirvanas use so little power, even the smallest wiring in your car will be adequate. You don't need fire hose thick speaker wires for our speakers. 6. We have two main lines of speaker cones in our Audio Nirvana speakers. The 'Classic' series use a dust cap only. The 'Super' series uses a 'whizzer' or inner cone. This is really a tweeter glued to the main cone. The Classics give a bit better sound overall--more coherent, less distortion, more detail--but they don't have as wide dispersion as the 'Super' series does, in the larger 6.5, 8, 10, 12, and 15 inch sizes. In 3, 4, and 5 inches, there is not a lot of difference between the two. I'm guessing that in car applications, the wider dispersion of the Super series will be better--in 6.5 and larger sizes--because of where the speakers are located.
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    Even with crazy venting 5's are HUGE on that dash. My original plan with my Escalade was a pair of 3's up high with 8's in the doors and no tweeter. Do realize, I set my car up solely for me and could care less about competition. I also listen nearly exclusively to live recordings and/or musicians that fundamentally play live even when they record. Being a guitarist and bass player accurate reproduction is paramount to me and I will forego coloration even if it would be judged higher. That all being said, the dash on my truck and aiming made me feel like it wasn't worth the battle. Have to say I spent a lot more time with my Silverado experimenting and it naturally soured my expectations here so diligence wasn't as good. I also had children by this point while when I had my other cars that was not the case...outside of the ML63 which I left stock as it was leased and warrantied...so I could drive it like I stole it everyday. I draw no conclusions for you. My problem with your truck (or mine) though is that I don't think a dash install is ideal, personally I am also not a fan of kicks (realize I am 6'7" if I were 5'8" then space considerations would be way easier), which doesn't leave many options in the truck. Not trying to be discouraging, but hey it's car audio everything is a compromise. That being said, if I were in your shoes and really felt like getting the mid up is ideal I would a single driver that can play as much of the audio spectrum as possible. Most likely that would be a 3 or 4 sealed on axis, but chosen specifically for it's FR. The challenge there is the dash hump and keeping the driver low. Based on the space in mine I am not sure I can even see a 4 fitting. I expect you will stretch that the other way though and deal with less of a direct response and compensate with other drivers for not being able to get the mid positioned right. Personally I wouldn't. Of course that means you won't be running a Blues mid if you choose my route as it would be self defeating. Either way. Throw out all bias's, competition desires, and instead truly focus on what is important to you. What do you need your stereo to do for you. Then build it to do that. Just don't cheat yourself into compromising because you have something. That to me is the biggest mistake I have made over and over and over in my life. Of course to compensate a while back I just bought one of everything which I realize everyone doesn't have the budget to do. For me, I didn't have the time not to. Once you truly nail that desire down things will be easier to decide.
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    Looking damn sharp Jared!!! J
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    I don't like the 5's up high. Can't imagine you can get enough volume enclosure wise to make the extra cone area a benefit.
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    100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied. David
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    Nice work on the mustang.
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    @j-roadtatts , that is incredible. I'm so impressed. Truely.
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    No pics of the pods, as I promised Aaron a build log. But here's some other work in progress. Wheel bearing being extracted.... Cleaning the back plates... Cleaning the pig.... New brakes, bearings and seals installed!!!!
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    Nope, but I have a couple Hi-VI mids and ribbon tweeters and they're all fabulous!
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    A Gibson factory tour is a must. My kids went ape shit
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    I hated like hell taking my A-Pilars apart, but I kinda figured they were temporary anyways ... Installing a 4" driver or a 5.25" driver, tweeters would need to be moved. So This is where I think they should be ... Keep in mind there will be no final product until the mid range drivers are installed ... My apologies for the night pics, my time is very limited and I have no shop to work on my shit ... According to my tired measuring tape, they don't look it, but are level across the vehicle ... If not, I have a spare set of A-Pilars on the shelf. Tweeters are connected to the A-Pilars, not the Sail Panels ... My little problem with the Stage Width is definitely a thing of the past now ... I think, but I am not positive, that this might be able to Stay in MECA Street class ... I will Find out Saturday at the local Bass Wars Event. Both Mississippi qualified judges should be there promoting their favorite Bass Head vehicles !!!
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    Would love to see what you have going.
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    One hell of a mix. Sounds like some good planning too. J
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    Draining weekend, but boys had a wild time. Lots of fishing mixed in.
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    Been a while guys. I've made some progress despite the difficulties of working on things in my apartment. I think I got carried away with the size of these enclosures. These are my baffles, the ring is 3d printed petg. The white speaker mount is also 3d printed and will allow me to swap in other drivers easily. Starting the enclosures. Pretty standard stuff. I decide to build enclosure that sit on the dash rather then build off the A pillar. In retrospec I think it might have been better to put the 4 on the pillar and tweeter in the sail panel to cut down the size of these monsters. Next I aimed the speaker baffles the left side has to come out towards the driver quite a bit. I hope this doesn't kill imaging too badly. The pods where difficult to wrap, even with this spandex material I used. My solution to the creases in the fabric. After the first coat of resin on the spandex Test fit ya these look toooo big... Had to flock the enclosures in my kitchen... not the best idea
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    Lows and your goals from above aren't exactly in alignment. Perhaps stating your desires more specifically would help. SPL by definition is playing one note as loud as possible with little care for the rest. It is never the ultra low either. Hard to know how to help...
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    2002 HD. Half the tank has 2 cut passes and the other as it showed up.
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    Nice DSP, sweet mids. Those are one of the first ever shipped.
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    They were not more efficient. They simply catered to efficiency by designing drivers for larger enclosures. Today, most everything is made for compact enclosures, and power is stupid cheap nowadays, so it's easy to throw a ton of power into an inefficient driver and application and get a lot of output.