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    Launched our first Class A/B 2 channel. Been wanting it for many years now.
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    I have a big arse soundbar and a sub. Does what you need if the above limits are okay. Can come demo it if you like.
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    We have finally released our new amp. It is a tiny tiny production run to see how people like them. Meant for the high end, SQ market, without the European price tag. If this model moves as well as I hope, it will help spawn another model in the line up soon. https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/ssa-dm150-2-2-channel-amplifier-150w-x-2-ch-or-500w-x-1-ch/ Introducing the all new SSA DM150.2 amplifier. An old school approach, with updated components, for the most discerning of ears. If your front stage is lacking warmth and clarity, its time to upgrade. Our first amplifier in our high-end, sound quality, Class- A/B - Demon amplifier line. The SSA DM150.2 is the elite choice for that high end active front stage, premium passive components, and especially a sound quality sub (SSA Demon). We've incorporated direct inputs for those competition installs that use an external DSP and want their amp to be a pure gain block. Stellar looks to match the design and components. Don't let your speakers or your ears down, #levelup to the all new SSA DM150.2 amplifier. 150 Watts RMS X 2 @ 4 Ohm 500 Watts RMS X 1 @ 4 Ohm Angled Terminals for show quality installations Full Complimentary low distortion Class AB design Tiffany Style RCA connectorsFull Complimentary low distortion Class AB design Butterworth Crossover Filters for premium level performance An extra pair of input connectors for a direct input that will bypass the crossover so the amp can act as a gain block The op amps featured are TI chips w/BB technology high performance audio grade IC's Docking Pads® to reduce vibration & extend the life the amplifier DC, Short Circuit, Thermal & Overload Protection, on board fusing Diagnostic LEDs Specifications OUTPUT POWER @ 14.4V input RMS per channel at 4 Ohms 150 W x 2 CH RMS per channel at 2 Ohms 250 W x 2 CH RMS Bridged Mono at 4 Ohms 500 W x 1 CH RMS Mono at 1 Ohm N/A INPUT SENSITIVITY 200mV - 6.0V FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10Hz - 30KHz +/- 0.5dB THD LESS THAN 0.01% S/N RATIO > 103 dB CHANNEL SEPARATION > 91 dB DAMPING FACTOR @100Hz 4 ohm > 200 CROSSOVER RANGE High Pass, 12dB/Octave 80-1.2K Hz Low Pass, 24dB/Octave 10Hz - 250Hz Subsonic N/A Variable Bass Boost (0 to +12 dB bass boost at 45 Hz) Yes Phase Shift (0 - 180 degrees) No Fusing 3 x 40A Size (L x W x H) in 16.4 x 8.9 x 2.2
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    To be clear. It has more than 2. Only 1 is easy to access. 2 are reasonable with the TV mounts I have in the house without pulling the TV away from the wall. I just didnt want to change TV mounts just to have more room to access more HDMI. I'm lazy ok? You guys are all jerks!
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    I have 8 (IIRC) on my 2009 Sharp in my bedroom. My 2017 Samsung in the living room only has 4. J
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    Shipping can cost as much as labor. Where are you. ...no dunes here, but plenty of trails.
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    Full disclosure, you are not going to get positive support on anything CT or SKAR here due to the history of those brands and the owners. That being said, yes, you can go with a flurry of smaller subs. It will be different and have some visual appeal. That is the sole reason why we did a quad SSA F8L's build in mark's old truck, for the looks and to highlight that sub. In the end, the question is really up to you; do you want unique or do you want to lean best performance for your dollar?
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    If you don't like your 12 you will be SEVERELY underwhelmed with a pair of 6.5's. 90% of the T-line discussion on car audio forums are not Tlines, but slot ported boxes. If you can't operate Mathcad, don't have Martin King's worksheets, then expect that your trial and error will be a failure and take MANY iterations to get it to somewhat work. Add to that you are now using drivers that have way less capability so even if you do it perfectly you will have a significantly worse response in every aspect and it is an exercise in stupidity. I understand though that there is a ton of misinformation on the web and it isn't your stupidity, but the sites that you have found positive responses towards T-lines in a car. Don't take it personally, but take everything you have read with a grain of salt and dig through the nonsense. In general instead of trying to be different you should be honest with your goals and build the system YOU want based on your goals and not other peoples imagination. This will save you a lot of time, money and yield way better results.
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    More drivers, more cost, less output in either domain you are chasing. It'll be different, but that doesn't make it better. Used to be people built 4th order BP to be different, now the gullible public found different and thought better and there are a ton of terrible installs with happy uneducated owners floating around. If you want to you surely can, but realize that the only portion of it that has any value is the novelty which is super dubious at best.
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    Do not use anything skar. That being said, why would you want to use the 6.5s? Just for looks? The 12s will kill them in cone area and efficiency. I don't see a point unless you prefer them just for aesthetics.
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    I decided I'm either going to try something else, but haven't decided yet one what. Try the Evil series when it comes out or something else. But I'm thinking 200 for the sub is a good price plus shipping. I'm thinking the sub is still pretty stiff since I never really put a ton of power to it.
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    Me too. That is why I have 4 of them ;)
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    Looks sharp. Not a bad price point either. J
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    If ya need something, drop me a PM. We can take care of ya. J
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    That's how I like my women.
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    We might get our first this weekend. Can't say I want to come home yet. Took my parents to a Michelin started chef experience last night in Paris. Afterwards I took them to a jazz and dance club. Latest either has been out in more than 10 years. Dad walked around 15mi with me in 2 different days. Not bad for an 82yr old
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    I woke up to a couple inches of snow today. Has snowed at higher elevation a few times in the last month, but first at the house.
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    If you guys (or her) want the sorority Greek letters for the car, I can cut ya'll some decals. Just shoot me a text and I can get email mailed out. J