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  1. No you were very clear and helpful TY. I am currently in the process of ordering a 250amp alt from Singer, then im ready to install. I know the Audiobahn is not perfect for the W7's, but it will have to do until I get some extra cash. Im hoping to get atleast 1600rms at 1.5ohm but im just hoping. Everyone trashes it, but I heard it on 3 12" JLw6V2's and it pounded and sounded good so who knows? I just got it cause it was only used for a week or two and I couldnt pass it up for the price. You guys have all helped alot with your input.
  2. Hi fellas I have a question that will I'm sure be easy for you to answer. I have never ran bigger than 4 gauge wire, never upgraded the big 3, and never dealt with any of these following products. First the wire I will be ordering is http://www.wireandsupply.com/product_p/sgx-2-fslash-0-fslash-01.htm . The lugs I will be using are http://shop.genuinedealz.com/Marine%20Electrical%20Supply/Tinned%20Copper%20Cable%20Lugs/00%20AWG%20Tinned%20Lug/?sck=12205831 . My question is what size ends should I get, they offer from 1/4 - 5/16 for the 2/0 gauge wire. I plan to use them on the 2/0 gauge upgrading the big 3, I plan to use them on my battery terminals, and I plan to use them on any grounds throughout my setup. Final question should I ground the 2/0 gauge to the chassis, then run that to a T-block with 4 gauge to the amp as that is the biggest wire the amp will accept? Thank you all for your help. I'm sorry for all the similar posts the last week or two, but I am new to a lot of this stuff and want to make sure I have everything covered before I order from the web. Thanks again
  3. Anyone familiar with DBelectrical when it comes to alternators? I've never heard of them and was curious as to their quality. I was looking at this alt http://www.dbelectrical.com/p-9580-alternator-high-output-250-amp-38l-lumina-98-99-monte-carlo-99.aspx , then saw the price and got worried. Please any input would greatly help.
  4. I plan on running this wire http://www.wireandsupply.com/product_p/sgx-2-fslash-0-fslash-01.htm , which size of these http://shop.genuinedealz.com/Marine%20Electrical%20Supply/Tinned%20Copper%20Cable%20Lugs/00%20AWG%20Tinned%20Lug/?sck=12205831 connectors should I buy to run with the wire? Also will a 0 gauge distribution block work with that 2/0 gauge wire, I have not been able to find a bigger block? I will be running 250amp fuses throughout the setup. One from alt to battery, one 12" from battery to distribution block? I only want the cap to be used on the sub amp and both outputs on the block are 250amp fused, do I need to run anymore fuses in the setup?
  5. I will be running two batteries for the first time and have some questions. I have an energizer battery under the hood, and a yellow top for the truck. My question is will these two be ok ran together? I thought someone told me the batteries must be the same, but I could be mistaken. Thank you for the input.
  6. I have a 1999 Buick Park Avenue and am getting ready to purchase the things that I am still missing in my setup. My main concern is my Audiobahn 2300hct powering my 2 12" JL W7's at 1ohm. I have a yellow top for the trunk and a capacitor as well, here is where I'm lost as I've never used an extra battery or a cap before. The AB has 4x40 fuses, and I also plan to buy a 4 channel amp that does 75x4 rms {not sure on model yet}. My first question is how many fuses should I run throughout setup? Currently I have a 200amp ANL fuse, should I run this 18" from the battery {front duralast, or trunk yellow top}, or should I run a 200amp ANL at each battery? I Also plan on purchasing a distribution block, should this be fused? If so how big of a fuse for the AB output, how big for the 4 channel output? Should the capacitor be fused also? Should I upgrade the big 3 to 1/0 gauged as well? The wire I am looking to buy is http://www.wireandsupply.com/product_p/sgx-1-fslash-0-fslash-01.htm , will this do or should I step up to http://www.wireandsupply.com/product_p/sgx-2-fslash-0-fslash-01.htm ? I am sorry for the lengthy post but I am really confused, even more confused than you after reading this frantic post. Thanks again for the help everyone. Purchase List High output Alt- Is 200amp enough or should I go bigger? Power/Ground Wire Fuses Wire Connectors Distribution Block
  7. HI fellas, I recently bought a 1999 Buick Park Avenue and am in need of your expertise. So far I have a Kenwood KVT-911 DVD, 2 12" JLW7's, Audiobahn 2300HCT { I know you guys hate Audiobahn, but I got it the year it came out brand new in box for $100 and 2 very old pioneer IMPP's} that has never even been used, I plan to run it at 1ohm. I am now looking for a nice used 4 channel amp for around $100 on craigslist, I want 65-75rms per channel. I need suggestions on a good pair of 6x9 and 4x6 to run off the 4 channel, I would not like to spend more than $125-150 for both sets. 2nd question is the car has another set of 4x6's upfront also, could I run an identical set of 4x6 that are ran off the amp to the head unit and run tweets off the other two head unit channels{ I know it's possible, but would they sound decent off the head unit}? If you think the power would be to minimal to power the same 4x6's could you suggest another pair of 4x6 to run off the head? My third question is can you guys recommend a high output alternator that will be sufficient for the Audiobahn and a small four channel amp? I have a yellow top to go in the trunk along with a 3.0 cap as well. I plan to run 0 gauge, I'm currently looking for a good deal on a amp kit. Also can anyone recommend a good alarm for around $150? Thank you very much for your knowledge and input. I've been out of the car audio game for so long I feel like a newbie all over again. I apologize for the lengthy post but I'm totally lost without your help.
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    2 12 jlw7 box

    Honestly I listen to mostly rap but also pantera, rage, and deftones. Also alot of r&b and older stuff like al green and ron isley.
  9. d luv

    2 12 jlw7 box

    Whats up fellows im a fresh fish on the site. I have been truley amazed and inspired by some of box builds I have seen on this site. I plan to purchase plans for a flared ported 2 12" jl w7 box once I figure out what car I will be buying.In the mean time can anyone with these subs give me any info and experiences they have had with boxes for these subs? All input would be greayly appreciated, trust me. I listen to rap/rock 70/30, but what really low hard hitting clean sounding bass. I will be using an Audiobahn 2300HCT at 1ohm to power them. I know everyone hates audiobahn and I believed them until I went to a comp and heard this amp in an escalade with 3 12"jlw6v2's and was blown away at the low end, output, and sound quality. Trust me I know must Audiobahn stuff is garbage, but I was personally impressed with this amp. After that I had a chance to pick up one of these amps for $150 so I did. I thank all of you for takng the time to read and respond to my thread, I look foward to learning from you.
  10. Hello everyone my name is Ryan and I just joined this site. I am 27 From Detroit Mi and am amazed at some of the box's you fellows have designed on here. I look foward to being a sponge and absorbing tons of new knowledge from you exxperts. I am currently planning my first custom box build for 2 12" jl w7's, and all input from you guys would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and I look foward to being a part of the forum