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  1. 12 or 10 is fine but imo since wire is fairly cheap no harm if u want to use 8g
  2. SPL_Man

    2006 Nissan Titan

    damn good box building skills
  3. SPL_Man

    dd 3512e recone

    send it in to DD , who else can do a better job than DD themselves
  4. SPL_Man

    Box Build for 4 SSA Evil 18's on 2 NS-1's!!

    great looking box dude
  5. SPL_Man

    Lets get some Furniture builds in here!

    awesome wood working there dude
  6. SPL_Man

    Did someone say Glass working?

    man those are purty & colorful nice rotor there , show us some more of that
  7. SPL_Man

    DD Amps?

    DD makes excellent amps , worth it imho
  8. dustin from ecoustics aka DL designs right ? that box looks sick dude
  9. SPL_Man

    Solo X 15 (V.2) Sub-woofer build log

    man u sure have got alot of patience - lol excellent work
  10. SPL_Man

    When an alarm does no good. ATTN Central Ohio

    wow thats fugged up
  11. SPL_Man

    99 Ford Ranger - Fi, RF, XS, SHCA, KNU, 32hz!

    good job dude
  12. SPL_Man

    Fi Q10, Hornresp, D.A.T.S, vs. Me :)

    that sub looks AWESOME !
  13. SPL_Man

    Port Length Calculator help

    my bad if i didnt explain it too clearly & confused anybody but that diagram illustrates exactly what i was saying
  14. SPL_Man

    Port Length Calculator help

    say if a port is 4" wide u measure in the middle which is 2" to get your length & not along the L