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  1. CoCook83

    Sundown SD-3 Line : In the Works

    What's the mounting depth for the SD3 10"
  2. CoCook83

    SD-3 10", 12", and X-6.5SW Mounting Depth

    Okay! Thanks! What about the SD3 10"?
  3. I want to know the mount depth for these subwoofers. Not listed on the website.
  4. CoCook83

    recieved my box

    That's great!!! Glad you finally got your enclosure!
  5. CoCook83

    Enclousre Build for Technoboy (One 10 Inch Fi Q)

    X2 still waiting myself...
  6. CoCook83

    12" d2 icon specs

    If you like the DCON 10, how about you just a DCON 12!!!
  7. CoCook83

    Enclousre Build for CoCook83 (Two 10 Inch SSA Dcon's)

    Two 10" Dcons! Just clarification! Looking good already by the way.
  8. CoCook83

    Custom Enclosure

    x2!! Andrew makes excellent enclosures!!! I would wait!
  9. CoCook83

    Pioneer AVH-P3200BT Accessory Questions

    1. Don't know of any others mics that are compatible with Pioneer AVH-P3200BT deck but volume is adjustable and if you put the mic in close proximity to the headrest, it should work as advertised! 2. Pioneer recommends the Pioneer ND-BC4 or the Pioneer ND-BC20PA back-up cameras but you should be able to use any back-up camera that's compatible! It just depends on the how much you want to pay! 3. The Pioneer CD-IU200V cable (longer) or the Pioneer CD-IU50V cable (short) will give audio and video playback on the deck and direct iPod/iPhone control and charging. That apple cable will only give audio playback with direct iPod control from the unit and charge your device! Don't think it was made for video playback just syncing. Hope this helps!!!!
  10. CoCook83

    argent audio review

    x2 Andrew is awesome when it comes to communicating to his customers! I've never had an issue with him getting back with me on a project! I will be getting my second enclosure from him and it wont be my last! Argent Audio is my first choice when it comes to custom enclosures and I'm sure it was just some miscommunication! Andrew is great guy and his enclosures are simply masterpieces. Hope it all works out for you Rasic!
  11. CoCook83

    New Box!!!! Dual Dcons!!!!

    Yes, you can send me an invoice! And I would like dark gray/charcoal carpet and black paint on the port and flush mount!
  12. CoCook83

    New Box!!!! Dual Dcons!!!!

    Okay! That will work for me! It's going to be another masterpiece! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!! Thanks Andrew!!!
  13. CoCook83

    New Box!!!! Dual Dcons!!!!

    x2 on the price Andrew?
  14. CoCook83

    New Box!!!! Dual Dcons!!!!

    Hate to interrupt but is that for me! what's the tuning? 
  15. CoCook83

    New Box!!!! Dual Dcons!!!!

    Okay! Thanks Andrew! I know your busy so it's no rush! You can kept me posted on the final design! I know it's going to be a great one!