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  1. PhishHead

    Fi IB3

    So from what I understood from your other post. Would I almost be better off doing 1 18 rather than 2? Seems like it would have more air space. I guess I will talk to the guys from Fi and see what they have to say.
  2. PhishHead

    Fi IB3

    So how would car use be different than any other. I'm really new to this IB idea. Do you have any tips on what to do. I have followed your build log and you are the reason I wanted to try this out.
  3. PhishHead

    Fi IB3

    I am thinking about doing an IB setup next. Was wondering what would be better for me to try to do. 2 15'' or 2 12'' or trying to squeeze 2 18'' subs into my car. Right now I have the big 3 done stock batt and I am driving a 2007 Honda Accord Coupe. Mind you this IB setup will be going in my trunk and the seats will be folded down during use. Oh and I am using a SAX-1200D so I have got plenty of power. My other question is the power rating on these or 550 rms at 20hz. Does that mean I would tune my amp to put out rms power at 20hz? New to the idea of IB so any help is appreciated. Thanks, Jeremy
  4. PhishHead

    15" xcon in a temporary infinite baffle setup.

    It really bugs me to see someone messing around with a sub like this. If you are going to be retarded about it just send it to me before you fuck it up. I wish I had the money to spend on this sub and the amp to power it. There is people here that would love to have something like this and treat it great and this kid is going to end up pucking it up. What a retard. I can honestly say I have never had anyone piss me off on the internet as much as this kid does.
  5. PhishHead

    New Subwoofer Setup help.

    Well I actually already have someone lined up to buy my current setup besides my amp. Would running only two of the sa-8s be fine then. They are rated at 500 rms so that's only 1000 watts. Or would I be better saying screw it and move up to a sa-10 or sa-12. I just want to try something different and what says different than 8 inch woofers that can slam.
  6. PhishHead

    New Subwoofer Setup help.

    Any help?
  7. PhishHead

    New Subwoofer Setup help.

    Kind of wanted to wow people with having 8 inch subs. I mean I guess I could just run two. Just seemed like a cool idea that's all.
  8. Hey guys havent been on in awhile but since then have decided to change my set up. Right now I am running a Lethal Injection 12 at 600wrms. I was thinking about using my amp to it's full potential and getting 3 sa-8. I have a SAX-1200D. Ok now on to my actual question. My wiring options are either 1.33333.... ohms or .5 ohms. Which ohm load would be better for my amp? I feel with the 1.3 ohm load the subs wont be seeing full power and I feel with the .5 ohm load I might ruin my amp. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  9. PhishHead

    Amp selection

    That extra you pay for the sundown is definately worth it. You get what you pay for. The customer service alone is worth the extra money. That's my .02. You need to do what fits your budget.
  10. PhishHead

    Help choosing a 10 inch midbass driver.

    Yea I think Youtube is your best bet you could also try uploading it to photobucket or something like that. Glad to hear you went with the 12. Bigger is better!!!! lol. I always look forward to watching your builds....etc. Keep up the good work!
  11. Got my Big 3 done last night. DAMN it looks good. Got the battle scars to show for it.

    1. jcarter1885


      pics or lies, thats my next step to redo my old Big 3 with bigger wire.

    2. PhishHead


      I did mine in 1/0. I will take some pics when I get home from work.

  12. PhishHead

    Help choosing a 10 inch midbass driver.

    We all know you are a picture whore but what about a video? I would love to see a 12'' pounding in the door of a Honda. Cant wait to see some more!!!!!
  13. PhishHead

    Just so everyone knows.

    What a great guy Jacob is. I am/was in a pinch with my amp and he has been such a help. He is by far the best salesman/business owner I have ever dealt with. If you are considering buying anything from Jacob DO IT!!!!!!! You will thank yourself later. Thanks again Jacob for all the help. Jeremy
  14. PhishHead

    Component Speaker Questions

    Is Woofersetc.com a good site to buy from. Has anyone bought anything off of it before?
  15. PhishHead

    Component Speaker Questions

    Do you have any pictures of what your kicker panels look like. They did a good job matching the color too?