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  1. Short notice. Saturday August 9th! Xtreme Sound Cruise-In and Competition. 1701 Queen City Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio Registration begins @12noon... I'll be there with my TL running the SPL portion. We'll be doing a StreetBeat style, and a headrest SPL style... as well as cheap re-runs... -Noah
  2. ngsm13

    ATTN: Frosty!

    Lol... nG
  3. ngsm13

    Some SPL Tetsing results for you

    w00ts. nG
  4. ngsm13

    Thoughts on a dashboard material...

    Spend the money on some good suede... and it will look great! Totally different application, but here is a suede dash we did in a 1971 cutlass. nG
  5. I've only had one problem with it ever. And then I just forgot about it. nG
  6. ngsm13

    How to become sponsored by Sundown Audio???

    If you have to ask... then... Best way to go about matter such as these would be e-mail or PM. Not publicly via the forum. Just to let you know, coming from someone who has been sponsored a few times before. Also, it needs to be beneficial for the company, before it is beneficial for you. nG
  7. I have three Eclipse 8053 HU's for sale. 1 is BNIB w/ warranty... 2 were display models and come with 90day warranty. LMK if you're interested... nG
  8. Good luck on cleaning up that chit hole. The site is great, I love it. But the forum is absolutely horrible. nG
  9. ngsm13

    60inch MTX subwoofer

    Welcome to 10+ years ago... nG
  10. ngsm13

    Shirt Designs

    Why'd you use three different fonts too? Stick with one... nG
  11. ngsm13

    Frankenwoofer - TCON style

    It's still a TC9... NOT an icon... nG