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  1. Tony Nelson

    Bad news for the IA80.1

    Going through I don't think they meant you were bashing the company/nick but others. I don't see how they're being sarcastic. Impious, tirefryr and shizzzon were trying to explain. M5 was the only one being sarcastic and was only doing it because tenacious is annoying and ignorant. I don't understand why you guys don't listen to these guys... Zero tact and constantly talking in circles rather than being direct. Discredits whatever they see fit without truly explaining why everyone else should discredit. They act as though they're %100 right, but fail to fully disclose why they are correct and someone else is incorrect. They scream tolerances and calibrations yet never give any real numbers. They never ask what the given tools tolerances are and if they have been calibrated or when the last time they were calibrated. Just because you have technical training behind you and some real world exercise, doesn't mean you have the right to discredit everyone else. It's easy to sit behind a computer and seem all so intelligent. There's a common factor of why a lot of people don't like this forum. Maybe you should go and seek some education and then you might understand just how much money, time, equipment, etc... goes into testing, measuring, certifying etc. Right now it seems that all these guys are "talking circles rather then being direct" but you clearly do not understand this subject. Once you go out and find the necessary knowledge, then you will realize how right these few guys are. Until then, argue on and have fun!!
  2. Tony Nelson

    New Leviathan III Cover/issues

    I just received my leviathan a few days ago (ordered from SSA) and it has the tinted cover, just fyi. Maybe they made a change recently to combat the crazy bright LEDs.
  3. Tony Nelson

    Reputation Police- Someone needs an ass whoopin

    I agree that it is way too excessive. Nothing that Jon posts deserves a negative rep. On the other hand, Jon's reactions to getting -1 on his posts is probably why the person keeps doing it. I think if Jon would simply ignore it every time and not post crazy stuff with the name calling and what not, it would probably stop eventually. I agree with the suggestions above as well.
  4. Tony Nelson

    Flatline Audio Amplifier Testing Results.

    One thing that wont be tolerated in our forum is trolling, negative comments about any company we are not about any of that and it will not be tolerated here. haha. My post was simply a comparison of your responses to Sean and another vendor here. Trolling, a little bit, but you still failed to see the point that Sean was making. This forum is not made up of sheep like most others, so posting irrelevant clamp results from a very unscientific test means very little here. I wish you the best of luck with your business.
  5. Tony Nelson

    Flatline Audio Amplifier Testing Results.

    Ah, I see my post was deleted...interesting
  6. Tony Nelson

    Im not to happy right now.....

    Eh, it's China. What do you expect? I also wouldn't expect anyone to fix it, considering you have had them for a while and used them/sold them. Good luck anyways, I know it sucks!
  7. Tony Nelson

    Slamology 2013 Homeowners Association Compaint

    this vid is pretty funny...its even funnier that this b**** thinks anyone gives a s*** about her voice mail. haaaaaa Once again...Moron
  8. Tony Nelson

    Extremly ebarassed...

    And yet you are out egging other people's property, don't know that carpet cleaner exists, I'm sure the list goes on. Sounds like a bunch of little punks to me.
  9. Tony Nelson

    best sq sub under $300

    I love my Dayton HO's. Best sounding subs I've used yet. They aren't the loudest, but man they are smooth. For the price, they are hard to beat. Just depends what you want them to do.
  10. Tony Nelson

    2000 Chevy S-10 small build

    Hey guys, thought I would post some pictures on my truck install. For some reason I forgot to take pictures during most of the build, as it's now almost done. This was some what of a budget install for me. All of the wiring I had left over from other projects as well as my alpine amp. The head unit is a Pioneer DEH-P7400, nothing special. The component speakers I have were the 6.5" Aura Sound set that PE was closing out a while ago. My subs are Dayton Audio RSS265HO-4 that I picked up for $90 shipped for the pair BNIB. The sub amp is a Boston GTA-1000M. Now onto the pictures... The amps are mounted to a wood base under the carpet (no pic). The component crossovers will also be mounted here as well. I know the wires are a bit messy right now, but that will change. I ran power and ground wire under the truck and up through the floor in the back, behind the rear 3rd seat so it was out of site. The wire used is #2 welding cable from welding supply that I had left over. I don't have a picture of were it comes through on the inside of the cab. The head unit install is the same as all other cars, nothing special. The speakers are mounted in their stock location, with the tweeter mounted close to the woofers and aimed upward towards the drivers seat. I found I liked this position the best. There is some deadening installed in the doors but not like there should be. For the subwoofer box, I wanted to do something a little different. I use this truck for a lot of things and wanted/needed a place to put stuff, instead of just piling everything in the back. So I ran with some ideas and here is what I came up with. The net air space for the subs is 1.6 cu. ft. and is tuned at 30hz using two 3" aero ports. The box has a double baffle (1.5") and has pretty good bracing all around. Because I do through a lot of stuff back there and I wanted to hide my subs from people, I decided to build in a grill that sits flush with the box and is held on with magnets for easy removal. The grill is just made from mdf and is backed with grill cloth and wrapped in carpet. There is enough clearance so that the subs do not hit the grill under heavy excursions. The speaker terminals are mounted on the bottom and the subs are wired parallel for a 2-ohm load. There is a side storage compartment that opens up to the 3rd door, as well as a top box that is mounted to the sub box. As you can see the top box isn't done yet. I ran out of carpet so it will have to wait for a bit. There is a lid that when closed will be inset and flush with the top of the box. The hinges will also hold the lid open easily. There will be a couple of latches that will keep the lid closed and locked when needed. Both this box and sub box are bolted to the truck so it doesn't move anywhere in case of an accident and what not. I will also be building some what of a false floor, more of just a cover that will go over the amps and contour to the back of the seats. This is simply to hide the equipment from eye sight. So far, I think everything sounds really good. The speakers, for $50, are a real bargain. I've heard better but also heard way worse. The tweeters are smooth and aren't harsh at all which is nice. The Dayton subs have a unique sound to them. It's hard to explain, but they are just super smooth and play everything so nicely. I have an XCON in my car and I think these, in this install, sound a bit better. The XCON has a bit more bottom end boom and both sound really good, it's just that the Dayton's have a unique sound I guess which I like. I was also surprised at how loud they get, which I wasn't concerned about with this install. As more funds come in, I will finish this up and post more pictures when that happens. Let me know what you think!
  11. Tony Nelson

    2.1 PC setup

    The satellites will be driven by a Lepai 2020. Cheap, simple, and sounds ok for what it is and what it is hooked to. The subwoofer has its own 70-watt plate amp. The Lepai will be connected to PC via speaker out, and subwoofer hooked to subwoofer out on the computer as well. Real basic and works well. No fancy sound cards or nothing like that. I like it man. Thanks!
  12. Tony Nelson

    2.1 PC setup

    The satellites will be driven by a Lepai 2020. Cheap, simple, and sounds ok for what it is and what it is hooked to. The subwoofer has its own 70-watt plate amp. The Lepai will be connected to PC via speaker out, and subwoofer hooked to subwoofer out on the computer as well. Real basic and works well. No fancy sound cards or nothing like that.
  13. Tony Nelson

    2.1 PC setup

    Ya they are the NS3 from madisound
  14. Tony Nelson

    2.1 PC setup

    Figured I would post up some pics of the 2.1 PC stereo I built for my mom about a month ago. Overall they perform real well. I doubt that anything in their price range could come even close to them. The pine baffles and pieces on the subwoofer all match the knotty pine trim that my brother and I milled for my parent's addition.