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  1. You've got some serious skills man! Great pics!
  2. Welcome to the forum.
  3. I agree with bigrank, I would build a new enclosure before buying new subs. A bad enclosure can make really good subs sound bad.
  4. I do need an accurate way to set crossover points though. The slopes are usually set or selectable on the crossover itself.
  5. 1. How old are you? 44 2. When did you get into car audio? 1985 3. How did you first get into car audio? My friends brother had a truck full of RF equipment, first time I heard it I was hooked 4. Whats your favorite color Black 5. Male or female? Male 6. Your first Car? 1977 Mustang 8. How did you find out about this site? Saw SSA on the RF forum, looked them up and found the site 9. What was your first system? 2 MTX 10's with the mids and tweeters int the box, Clarion amp and Pioneer 2 knob deck 11. Were do you live? Modesto, CA 12. Whats you favorite car audio brand? SSA 15. Who is our hero in the car audio industry? In the beginning, Richard Clark. Now it's James Taylor 16. Whats your dream system? I have a few lol 17. Whats your dream car? New corvette 18. Whats the fastest car you have driven/ridden in? 10.5 second Chevy truck 19. Were do you buy most of your car audio products? Online, SSA 20. What is your job? Superintendent for hospital construction 21. Whats your favorite saying? You got the easy part done, you talked about it 24. Whats your favorite brand of cars? Chevy 25. What do you like better, cars, vans, trucks, or suv's? Trucks 29. Whats is the most recent thing you have purchased? Q-mat sound deadener 31. Who do you think is the most knowledgeable person on SSA? Not sure 32. What is your personal best on the TL? and with what equipment? Never measured 33. SQ or SPL? why? "SQL", it has to sound great and has to be loud.
  6. I know this is an older post, but thank you. I was looking for an accurate way to set my x-overs, nailed it!
  7. Thanks, I am going to just use glue and nails. I am going to add mitered pieces to the inside corners to make them stronger, more surface area for the glue. I also keep the pieces clamped until the glue has completely dried. I will post pics when the box is finished.
  8. You should call these the Hcons, for all the H8ers!
  9. Hey guys, I have a question about box construction. I've been building boxes for a while. I always use MDF, but will use Baltic Birch one of these days. I have always heard that glue is stronger than screws as long as it is a nice tight joint and glued properly. I have always used glue and screws for strength but have seen a lot of guys use glue and pin nails. I have only built one box using glue only but it was for a single 8" driver. Any guys have experience doing this method? I don't want to waste extra time pre-drilling and using screws if I don't have to, not looking for short cuts, just trying to save some time. I have a box that I am going to reuse but need to beef it up for my new subs, it will house two Xcon 15's and the subs will be hooked up to a 4500 watt amp. Thanks in advance for any input.
  10. Bad ass install, great work man!
  11. I have nothing but good things to say about SSA. Aaron answered all of my questions within a day or two while I was waiting for my Xcon to be built. I have never had to wait for a sub to be built, but the wait was worth it. This is the toughest sub I've ever owned! Great company and I recommend them to my friends all the time.
  12. I am swapping out my Sundown 2 SA15's with 2 Xcon 15's. These Xcons are monsters! I am upgrading my whole system. Right now I have the two 15's, which I have taken out, an older RF power component set and hifonics amps. I am upgrading to 2 Xcon 15's, 4 evil mids and 2 evil tweeters. Going with Synergy audio amps, 4500 watts for bass and running an active front stage with 2 Synergy 4.150X's. Mechman 320 amp alt and xs power batteries.
  13. I was on the Rockford Fosgate forum for quite a while, a long time ago. And there was a guy named Thummper on there that built bad ass boxes. He was using SSA subs. I started looking into it and have been hooked since I saw what they could do. I am waiting to receive my xcon 15 that I ordered this week.
  14. Welcome.
  15. You're welcome and good luck on your build.