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  1. cobra65427289

    Total newbie here

    Well maybe not totally. I joined back in 2003 when the site came back up. I took about a 15 year hiatus from car audio. Spent some time in college, spent some time on my career, spent a little time on life. Now I'm in a comfortable spot in life where I have the time for treating my car like a toy again. So I figure why not stop back by one of the best forums I remember. I'm Alex, from northern illinois, the only older piece of equipment I still have is an old blown Avionixx AXT800.2 so don't expect to see any OG gear haha. I'm still a noob, hoping to gain as much knowledge as I can as quickly as I can about newer gear and doing a simple install in my boring '23 Forester. PS excuse all the numbers in the name, I was really young when I made this screen name, admin please lemme know if its possible to change this nonsense
  2. cobra65427289

    Pics of your pets!

    Here's Dyna, this pic was taken on the first of the year. Now she's already 75 pounds! English/Bull Mastiff.
  3. cobra65427289

    New build, finally.

    Dance floor test fit. I love these things. Test fitting all pieces except for port. At the moment all I can do is build sections, Once I get the dance floor in place I just have to piece most big parts together like legos. Since I'm building it "in car" sort of, I will be making the front/baffle removable if I want to do any driver changes or anything. Forgot to pick up some L brackets and a couple other things to help keep the whole thing in place. So probably getting the first layer of glass on the baffle will be about as far as I go tonight. I go back to work tomorrow. Man, I will be so close.
  4. cobra65427289

    New build, finally.

    What would you do with this much glass? Doing the majority of the front of the box with fiberglass, should be cake once I lay the bottom and back down. Going for 8 cubes at 32 with a sealed off trunk. Should rattle my brain hopefully.
  5. cobra65427289

    2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V: Project Spec-SQ

    Looks great. And softer than a baby's bottom.
  6. cobra65427289

    New build, finally.

    smack it hard. it pays off nice progress so far I'll be sure to take pics of myself smacking it just for you.
  7. cobra65427289

    New build, finally.

    Sarcasm, or not? Either way I've always been around. Lurking in the shadows. Like a ninja. Also, I always post progress on my car here. No flaming, just tips and suggestions.
  8. cobra65427289

    New build, finally.

    I considered doing that, but I still have to do the big 3, after I see how the other connector fits with the other I will bend both accordingly. I still need to get some looming as well for under the hood. Probably the biggest accomplishment for today, installation of the epic 160. Haven't put it in all the way yet, wanted to see if it functioned before I screwed everything down. Not much more will really be done until sunday. The family is throwing a party for my 21st birthday tomorrow.
  9. cobra65427289

    New build, finally.

    As I sit and think I realize that the spare tire would not be accessible by the time I am done, where you can see it in the corner of the trunk there is where it is going to stay, I'll have to make a mount for it and the jack. After all, this car still is going to be a daily driver still.
  10. cobra65427289

    New build, finally.

    Power wire run, new positive terminal. New interconnects and the power wire. I don't believe in that nonsense about the power and the interconnects being run on the same side. Can you tell?
  11. cobra65427289

    New build, finally.

    Well, time for a few more pics. Woke up late today so I don't have too much more done to the car. We'll start with some bullchit. Things that get me through a day of working in the garage. Come to think of it I didn't get any shots of the Caribou Lou. Very nice on a hot day. My dremel 400xpr What I did with it Car pretty much gutted minus door panels, carpet, and center console Grommet with enough extra room for some 0 gauge. After seeing that the grommet was in an awkward position under the dash I figured it was time for a little posting break before I torture my 240 pound body and squeeze in there to get that wire through. Also I will not be going out for tacos tonight so expect some more pics later on.
  12. cobra65427289

    New build, finally.

    Thanks guys, I hope to get some build pics up tomorrow if I have time in between working on the car and going to eat taco's at my aunts house. I've already added more edead to the trunk and part of the floor, will be removing drivers seat to finish the deadening process tomorrow. Unfortunately the door panels are glued on, which really bums me out. Anyone have any tips on getting large panels off that are glued on?
  13. cobra65427289

    New build, finally.

    Well, its vacation time for me again. That can only mean one thing. I've had most of the equipment for some time now so there is nothing too new. My CDA-9835, freshly repaired and ready to rock. RE 6.5 components, need to redo some aspects of these kicks. View straight back from the passenger kick through the trunk, all passenger seats removed, the only one going back in will be the front passenger. My fully loaded 18'' BTL. Refurbished KX100.2 without its end caps on. New wiring, all Knukonceptz. Still awaiting my excessive amperage alternator, figured I've got most everything I need to get jumping on this.
  14. cobra65427289

    Lots of BM's inside

    Haha, They probably wont cost that much, that is MSRP pricing.
  15. cobra65427289

    Getting The Assasins Louder

    IIRC wasn't the WO designed with home audio/video in mind. Maybe they don't work so well with some cars???