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  1. El Cazador

    95 Eclipse Father/Son Project

    Lots of smack coming from someone with nothing to show! I'm not allowed to have an opinion? Honestly? It's an Eclipse, for a teenage guy. It fits perfectly. Still ricey, though Oem lip kit, some suspension, and some low offset wheels would make that eclipse look amazing. If this is gonna be a show car, OP should know what's in and whats out in the import world. You can have your opinion but until you can show that you can do better or have something better then .... This is a father son project with a lot of hard work and hours put into a project that will last a lifetime. We all could only wish we could have an oppurtunity like this! Posted these on here before Btw, who cares what kind of project it is.. am i not entitled to have an opinion on the car? I think he went the wrong direction with it.. Everyone is gonna have an opinion..it's no different than folks who get bashed for using kicker and other mainstream brands. On a brighter note, OP gets props for doing this with his son wish my dad was into cars like that Well, you can sit back and eat some rice until it's done, cause you haven't seen or heard the half of it. "BTW" : Your ride's the one that looks like someone went the wrong way with it. I'll admit it looks clean, but that's cause it's practically factory. You've got some basic ground effects and some G-rims that look like they belong on an Escalade. Man, go all the way or go home.
  2. El Cazador

    95 Eclipse Father/Son Project

    Thanks!!! Hopefully it gives my son some good memories to keep forever and maybe pass along to his children. Hmmm, yea me and my dad did some stuff like this once. And I still remember it. I'm sure he will. I can't wait to see it done!!