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  1. HawkEye

    (4) 12" Ported Enclosure

    What vehicle is this going in?
  2. HawkEye

    (4) 12" Ported Enclosure

    Whats the deminsions on this?
  3. HawkEye

    PowerBass XA 4000d For Sale

    Whatever. Like I said I'm not a scammer
  4. HawkEye

    PowerBass XA 4000d For Sale

    eLook, one of the amps didn't work period. I blew 1 sub because of it. I apologize for my above post but it really ticks me off that it got brought to this forum. I made good with the guy I sold the good amp to, even though he deserves to be shot for what he did. I sold the bad amp as aswell but when I sold that one it was being looked at to be fixed and when I told the guy I wanted it back he wouldn't give it back because I was paying a sub off and he was holding then amp until I did so. I even offered to give his sub back and just get the amp back but he didn't go for that.so the guy who bought the bad amp filed a pp claim and is ticked but he won the claim. As far as giving u positive feedback then saying the amp was blown, I did not hook up the amps right away because i was in the middle of switching subs. When I did get a sub it got blown so that's when I contacted u about it. I contacted u here instead of the other forum because my membership expired over there and I could only have 1 pm in my inbox and I had a ton I didn't want to delete. Think and say what ever you want about me,just know I am no scammer.
  5. HawkEye

    PowerBass XA 4000d For Sale

  6. 1. Product: PowerBass XA 4000d 2. Specs: 4000 watts RMS at 1 ohm 3. Description/Condition: Amp is in good condition.10/10 mechanical and I would have to say 8/10 cosmetic.Few scratches/scuffs here and there.I took pictures of the main ones. 4. Price: : Not sure on what these go for.Im going to ask $350 shipped to start out and I will see how it goes from there.PLEASE let me know if this is to high and I will adjust accordingly.Also,I am NOT looking for trades. 5. Pictures:
  7. Bump!! 2 are sold so I have 2 left.Will sell the last 2 for $325 shipped.I would still like to trade for like a 15" ZCON or simalar and I could add cash to make it even.
  8. HawkEye

    AQ 3500.1D $600 shipped

    Would you be interested in a DC 5k for the AQ and a little cash on your end?
  9. Bump for some nice 10's!!!
  10. Edit: I will consider trades for a pair of 18 inch subs to match with my DC 5k.I can add cash aswell
  11. HawkEye

    DC 5k For Sale

    EDIT: Amp is no longer for sale
  12. HawkEye

    DC 5k For Sale

    Hey all.Ive decided to step away from the audio scene for a bit so im selling my amp aswell.It is a DC 5k and its a powerhouse.It does 5k+RMS and 1 ohm at 14.4 volts.I have the original box and stuff that it came in so it will be shipped it in that.Amp is in great shape and has never been abused.Im looking to get $750 shipped for it.Im not looking for any trade either.Here are some pics.