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  1. Well...I have an Optima Red Top under my hood and it withstood the hottest summer in Central Texas history without any issues whatsoever (and it was being beat on by my system as well). As a side note, the shit was crazy. It was 101+ on a regular basis. I would get into my car and the thermometer would read 117 in the car and at one point the trim on the side of my doors actually MELTED off...My car was parked outside (in the blistering sun) at all times and really...this is the first time I've ever considered that the battery might have been in trouble lol. That's how well it did.
  2. Well you have your answer above. IT should be good for about 800-900 watts.
  3. An-i-no

    aN-i-No's Summer rebuild!

    Why thank you. I have a few packages due to come this week so we'll see if I can continue to impress.
  4. Is that a single slug? (One piece of magnet?)
  5. An-i-no

    aN-i-No's Summer rebuild!

    All goin in this BUT, I gotta get this fixed first When I finish school next week I won't need the car every day so I can break it down and get some much-needed maintenance done.
  6. An-i-no

    aN-i-No's Summer rebuild!

    Here's my 18" Zcon compared to a 15" Audioque HDC3 IDK if you can tell but the HDC motor IS a little wider with a bit more ferrite but has much less steel and is about 20lb lighter. Both are monster subs though.
  7. An-i-no

    10" 300w woofer recommendation

    10's only?
  8. An-i-no

    recommendations on a line-out converter?

    are you quite sure this will fit on a 2010 chevy cruze? it doesnt say it in the description, and i really do not want to have to return this if it isnt right, but thank you for the link. Look at his sig
  9. Why do you want to run at .5 ohms?
  10. An-i-no

    Sub not moving...

    He doesn't have a DMM, we're troubleshooting in the chat right as I type
  11. An-i-no

    E10 Sealed

    It depends on what his expectations are. I installed a cheap system for a family member and it sounded fine but wasn't enough for me. I kept trying to find ways to make it louder lol. I know a sealed 10" wouldn't satisfy me, but how much would it take to satisfy him?
  12. An-i-no

    2 sundown SA-15's, Hifonics HFI 1500d, Honda Crv

    Thanks, much appreciated. I have 1 of the sundown Sa-15's and i have my amp but I'm struggling to get the money together for another 15. I have to sell my old re sxx 15 first What condition is the sub in and how much do you want for it?
  13. An-i-no

    Wtb prs or 9886

    In the classifieds section!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  14. An-i-no

    Product Listing?

    Ha it's still cheap as hell man. It only went up 30 bucks or so. This...find me a 2k for anything near that price that isn't sketchy....
  15. An-i-no

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    That is a shit ton of power. It'll be interesting to see how the ZCON's take it. I have zero competition experience but I do think you should at least gain that 1.x db to get you a 60...
  16. An-i-no

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    Are your ears nervous or is your meter nervous? They both damn well should be! EDIT: Did you ever say what they were?
  17. An-i-no

    Wtb prs or 9886

    2 way active is probably his main focus. I don't think he's looking for all out SQ capability.
  18. An-i-no

    Official New Pricing!!!!

    Okey dokey, just wondering. I'll need something huge with a plexi window in a few weeks. Unfortunately the vehicle needs some TLC so that comes first.
  19. An-i-no

    Official New Pricing!!!!

    Do I need to bring you a design, or is that included in the pricing?
  20. Not sure about that, but I have the KCA 4 gauge and I've seriously run it past it's limits and it's never melted. I smoked an 80amp fuse + fuse holder (MAXI fuses) and got a Mini ANL fuse holder and smoked three 120 amp fuses. After that I just ran a straight run of wire for about 3 months (dangerous I know) and the wire held up just fine. It was running an 1800w mono and a 100x4. What all that means is that I don't think it's the wire. But like Alton said if you have a bad connection heat will build up in that spot and after time do some damage. is it the type of fuse holder where you just hold the wire in with a set screw? If so try one that uses ring terminals on both sides and see what happens then.
  21. An-i-no

    Off topic butt!!!!!

    LOL @ me2 amps. This whole Korean 2k, 3.5k, 5k is getting dumb. Every time someone introduces a new amp line it's like the only reason to buy it is because it has your favorite brand name on it. I can't even understand how it makes sense business-wise to enter a FLOODED market with an EQUAL product rather than a superior one. And this isn't a shot at any particular brand. Just my own personal observation.
  22. Nope..i'm done Good to see that you still hang around.
  23. I don't know shit about strapping, but are those amps seriously zip tied together? I know that's not your pic either...I was just wondering.
  24. An-i-no

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    Show the goodies!