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  1. Man you're slipping. I thought it was funny if a little bit off color...but those are the best no?
  2. freakshow52

    Skar new website sneak peak

    Looks great so far. I have no doubt this will be an amazing website
  3. We would love to have it. Always good to see support from the home town. I lived in Tampa for 11 years before moving to Fort Myers.
  4. Absolutely we will be expanding in the future! Whatever gets the most interest will most likely be the next size sub we end up making. I would bet on ether a 10" or a 15" though.
  5. I saw your post asking about the discount on the 15's. We may be able to work something out, I will talk with my partner and we will get back to you with some numbers if this is something we are interested in pursuing.

  6. Hey partner. Let's start off running here.