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  1. stiffler style

    Home audio sub built into sectional couch *idea*

    well where would you start then?
  2. stiffler style

    Home audio sub built into sectional couch *idea*

    I have 70" by 100" for a platform and could build into the base of a couch as well. It would in the corner of a room so I could mount the sub(s) anywhere around the base. I have a lot of flexibility. Does a large sealed box increase the efficiency of a woofer?
  3. stiffler style

    Home audio sub built into sectional couch *idea*

    I've browsed custom upholstery and know it is extremely costly. There are cheaper options.. I don't particularly want a big ugly box just taking up room and I want a couch. What if I built a platform for a prebuilt couch and used that as a huge sealed box for one or two 15"-18"s? I already have a nice glass "coffe" table as well.
  4. stiffler style

    Home audio sub built into sectional couch *idea*

    If I had the sub mounted flush with the base of the couch would the couch actually be beneficial as it would help divide the front and back waves of the sub? It will definitely be cheaper to just build a box instead of an entire couch. The floors are concrete (basement) but have tile on them.
  5. stiffler style

    Home audio sub built into sectional couch *idea*

    I'm beginning to think that would yield better results than trying to do some sort of infinite baffle system. I want to have the sub tucked away and inside the couch would be a perfect spot. It wouldn't be any more trouble because I could just build the enclosure and then build the frame of the couch around it. I do have concerns about any noticeable negative affects of having the sub inside the couch. I could have the sub mounted on a side wall of the couch so it is not muffled and the couch itself would do a great job separating the front and rear waves of the sub correct?
  6. stiffler style

    Home audio sub built into sectional couch *idea*

    Bump Any other suggestions?
  7. Hi all, I have been away from SSA for a while but have come back with a new idea. Again, this is just an idea or starting point to build off of and I am looking to the more knowledgeable figures on this site to guide me some. I currently have a 16' by 16' room with a cheap logitech surround sound audio set up and am looking to combine two ideas I have. I have some great sounding speaker cabinets just sitting and collection dust and want to make my own home audio setup along with a great sub system. I currently have two recliners and want a couch to replace them so I thought I would build my own sectional couch made just how i want it and for the space available. Again, this is just an idea right now. I figured I could build the frame of the couch to fit my space then build some sort of box inside the frame of the couch to house and hide the sub system. I'm not too familiar with IB setups, but I see they are often used in home audio so that is something to look into. My uses: 40% music 40% gaming 20% movies My space available for the couch: 70" x 100" in the corner of the room. My google sketchup shows that I could get almost 80 cubic feet just in the base of the couch. I will upload a drawing soon. My goals are to have strong noticeable bass that is usable for low frequency movies as well. I currently have a $700 budget for the total project. I know that will probably yield me some cheap parts-express subs for the time being. I also understand that "dressing" the couch to be comfortable and look decent will be another challenge and expense for later (not included in budget yet). I'm not sure what characteristics I should be looking for in a sub. I hope I could do this with one 15" or 18". Is this idea a total waste or something I could build off of? I appreciate and look forward to input
  8. stiffler style

    10 & 12 sub combo box/system

    Others will surely chime in with correct information, however, I think you are on the wrong track/train of thought. What are the maximum dimensions you have for a box? What are your goals? Budget?
  9. stiffler style

    IB'n my room?

    I don't have any experience diying home audio, but I do have a logitech surround sound system that cost like >$150 two years ago and it is damn loud. Like almost as loud as my dad's guitar speaker stack. Granted the sub is tiny and if I could figure out a way to replace the sub I would be more than happy with the system.
  10. stiffler style

    Rear Doors Slapping

    I would try some thick foam like I said earlier as that would be cheap and easy to mess with. It will be a tight fit and closing the rear doors would be harder, but it's cheap, somewhere to start and not permanent. This might be wayyy out in left field, but would adding a lot of mass to the doors help dampen the vibrations or would it be negligible for this kind of flex and movement?
  11. stiffler style

    Rear Doors Slapping

    Would some 1/2" or 1" thick foam work? maybe you could glue it to the door jam if the foam will compress enough.
  12. I have one gcon 12" and it is wonderful. I think you would be very impressed with two
  13. stiffler style

    SQ sub

    What are the max dimensions you have available for a box? Sealed or ported? Price range? What are you going to power it with?