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  1. hardrock2401

    Return of the BTL Ufo?

    What he said
  2. hardrock2401

    2001 Pt cruiser wall build ........

    little off topic, but does your cat have a beard lol
  3. hardrock2401

    8 XCON 10's D2 for sale

    are these still available?
  4. hardrock2401

    WTB IA 20.1

    Looking for a good condition IA 20.1, the second generation with the smaller footprint. Have cash ready to be spent
  5. hardrock2401

    T-Line help and pointers

    Why do so many people use them if they are only marginally better then a standard sealed box? Seams like a lot of hassle for something that can be had with a simple sealed box. I am not questioning your knowledge only trying to learn for myself.
  6. hardrock2401

    T-Line help and pointers

    I never said anything about it having a port, am only trying to learn how to design one and learn how they work....nor am I comparing them to any other kind of enclosure, simply want to understand them. I know there is no way to have a true t line in a car due to size.
  7. hardrock2401

    T-Line help and pointers

    I have been reading on t-line boxes for a good 2-3 hours now and am just not understanding the design part 100%. Only one that I have read and felt like I somewhat understood was the "u-shape" style design. I have always done slot ported boxes and was always happy. I think it is time for me to learn a little more about boxes. So far, this is what I have grasped Say I wanted a box tuned to 34hz. I would take 1130 (the speed of sound,) divide that by 34. Which would lead me to 32.25ft (rounded a tad). I would multiply that by .25 because I am looking for the 1/4 wave length. I would need a port 8.0625ft long. And SD equals port area? Also I am aware this is not a full t-line, hence why I am asking about 1/4. If any one could point me in the right direction or let me know if I am even on the right track would be great. The box I will be designing is for a single 10 nightshade v1
  8. hardrock2401

    Fi Going Public?

    AA is there dealer brand, but would be interesting none the less if they did
  9. hardrock2401

    Fi Going Public?

    are they not already available to the public?
  10. hardrock2401

    How to calculate your power?

    ^ well thats a interesting site, some good reads on there
  11. hardrock2401

    How to calculate your power?

    really is no set math, gonna differ from equipment to equipment
  12. hardrock2401

    UFO mag compataibility

    What exactly did that option do, but its 100% ok to run one with and one without?
  13. hardrock2401

    DD M3a f/s

    Will take 530 shipped, and open to partial trades on a 1-2k amp (no sundown)
  14. hardrock2401

    lethal injection 10?

    Need a d2
  15. hardrock2401

    lethal injection 10?

    where can these be found?