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  1. JBmfinWEBRE

    What Would Be Better?

    It seems what you are looking for bro, is yet to be found. From your details, I can tell you will probably get too excited and mess things up, or you will be totally stupid and go to a CA shop and pay a "gazillion" bucks for garbage. Apparently you are too "rushed" about your system, and I can almost promise you that you don't have a comfortable 9" behind your seats. Take a little time and think hard about what you want, your choices are limited, so pick the right one.
  2. JBmfinWEBRE

    Sound Deadening.

    Thanks guys, I'm looking at some SS CLD tiles.
  3. JBmfinWEBRE

    Sound Deadening.

    My truck has started to rattle..the door panels..the roof..and I was looking for deadeners..whats the best one for the price?
  4. JBmfinWEBRE

    Kenwood KDC-X794

    So yeah..I just ordered a Kenwood KDC-X794..I have read good reviews about it, but some people had crazy stuff to say about it. Anyone have anything to say?
  5. JBmfinWEBRE

    Sup Guys

    Hi all at SSA! Looking forward to being an active member in the forum.