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  1. Infinite913

    Aero port idea

    Ew ohio lol. Michigan all the way.
  2. Infinite913

    New Build with ZCON

    Looks good. Get that alt in lol.
  3. Infinite913

    Episode Release Giveaway By Second Skin

    David y, 3 hours 47minutes 24seconds
  4. Infinite913

    Input needed on sub box

    Ive seen good results with sub up port up.
  5. To answer in short no because of how many different connection points you would have with different types of metal would start to oxidize creating problems later
  6. I wish BILLY could help decipher this
  7. Ok so what you think he is saying is he will connect the clamp terms and then he wants to run a bar across the threaded parts of the clamp ring he showed us?
  8. Infinite913

    Cant decide between ICON and XCON

    Im sure i could pull out a few
  9. Infinite913

    Box for an 8

    Ya i would say run a sealed 12 or 10 depending on your clearance. Throw that whole amp at a nice sub sealed and youll be all set.
  10. Infinite913

    Cant decide between ICON and XCON

    This was first time pressing play no tuning done to the wall 4th order 1:1 ratio on 1 soundstream 6500 on 8 icon 18s.
  11. Infinite913

    Cant decide between ICON and XCON

    Your welcome. Welcome to the forum.
  12. Not sure what you mean by buss bar those are just ring clamps with a post terminal. I believe the battery has that option on it without needing that extra part. Sorry i cant be of more help but i dont understand your asking of buss bar. Are you connecting 2 batteries or more?
  13. Infinite913

    Cant decide between ICON and XCON

    Ive held in my hands every line that SSA has ever made and i have gotten to here multiple sizes of multiples versions and i have to say hands down the Icon is my favorite sub for clarity and crispness. The xcon is amazing because you can throw more power and still get amazing SQ out of it. But i dedicated a van to having 8 18" icons after have 4 zcon 18s and i can say im a little bias toward the icon. Other than that i can say either option is a great one. The xcon can have the most upgrades in the future but the icon can definitely take you where you want to get right now.
  14. Infinite913

    Anybody into Off-roading?

    Ya ss teacher pretty much hit in head on. We can give you a few personal preferences which is what im sure your seeking but also he is saying ask f150 forum aswell so you have multiple sources of info so you can make the ultimate decision. But this is your ride so make sure that "cheapest" is not your first priority. Other than that i have had great experience with rough country lifts but ive never dedicated my truck to just off road. Welcome to the forum.
  15. Infinite913

    Anyone know anything about bridges?

    Ya thats why we run lifted in these parts.
  16. Infinite913

    SSA 1969 Firebird

    I love the roll bar in front of the seat. Like a roller coaster ride.
  17. Infinite913

    Anyone know anything about bridges?

    Ya i talked with a few local contractors and told me as of now its structuraly sound only issue is the wingwall allowing the earth to slip away down the side. Everything will be done to code just figured see if anyone had any ideas on how to repair the wingwall and i was going to throw a few ideas with the contractors i have and come up with the "cheapest" safest route. I am not taking the sole advice from anyone on here just seeing if maybe we got some engineers like jay-c76 that may have come across a repair like this and can give me some professional experience knowledge.
  18. Infinite913

    Anyone know anything about bridges?

    Also other than the fact billy goats walk over where the troll sleeps.
  19. Infinite913

    Anyone know anything about bridges?

    Clearly i know my van and my family is not a cement truck or uhaul or a heavy vehicle but just mentioned to make note.
  20. Infinite913

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Why does that sound like a stripper.....
  21. Infinite913

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Outback by us shutdown
  22. Infinite913

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Had no power here since wednesday 2pm and just got it back saturday 3pm. 850k people without power all because some crazy wind followed by cold with no snow. Michigan is fun when its fun but sucks bad when it sucks.
  23. Infinite913

    06 Civic, 2 Zcon 15", BC5500, Indash tablet

    Ah snap havent seen this build active in a bit
  24. Infinite913

    Billy Jack Thread Dumping Thread

    You can lead a hoe to the water but ya cant make em think ya dig.