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  1. rich00

    Let's Talk TVs

    Yeah I bought the 65” Vizio at Best Buy. I wanted the tcl 6 series instead of 5. So I just bought the vizio. It’s a good looking tv the FALD is a bit strange on it. Only while playing video games. On amazon prime with 4K movies it looks amazing.
  2. rich00

    Let's Talk TVs

    So I bought a Visio e series. Good looking tv. The tcl is great tv as well. Go check out rtings.com. Great tv review website.
  3. rich00

    Need advice on new install.

    He said the factory Bose head and speaker won’t be replaced.
  4. rich00

    Need advice on new install.

    Ok now this is strictly my opinion. I'm no expert although I have been in car audio since 1996. I would go with 2 12" subs. In that size you want a ported enclosure tuned pretty low. Now for $1000 I can't give specific sub recommendations. I just don't know. I see lots of sundown subs and amps. I would go with a class D amp. Figure out what subs you want then match the amp to them. It looks like you have roughly 13.5ft^3 that before bracing and port displacement and sub displacement. 2 12" would kill with 2k+ watts. I'm not sure if you can buy 2 12" and a 2k watt amp and everything else for $1000. So go look at pricing on reputable subs and amps. Go to the SSA store first and look at pricing. That way you get an idea. Again this is strictly my opinion.
  5. rich00

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    So no selling other truck. So I'm still looking. Selling some crap on ebay atm. I guess I'm just waiting on the right sub to slap me in face apparently.
  6. rich00

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    SBS sub. 10". Ok so I may be selling my other truck that has a JL cp108 box in it already. If I do then I'm gonna switch it over to this truck if it fits. If it doesn't fit ill sell it.
  7. rich00

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    I’m afraid that my box wouldn’t be big enough for those. Not an inch between pole cooling and back of box and box size say 1.25 I have like .65ish
  8. rich00

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    That ampere sub intrigues me greatly. Looking at mounting depth and box size are my concerns. Ill go find that website.
  9. rich00

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    Well the box is around $75. So that leaves me $125 for a sub. I know loud and sq are subjective recent good sounding systems to me were 2 10w0 in that dodge ram atrend box with 300 on the pair. That was plenty loud as well. I'm just wanting 1 ten I know its not "loud". Lower than my hertz comps. In non sealed doors in a novice install. I listen to 90's-00's hip hop and rap, rock, metal, and 70's rock. $125 for a sub is the money. Only have 6" depth it seems as well. I won't spend a ton of money on this system. Already had most of it as this is my old truck.
  10. rich00

    Need help deciding on components

    I love my hertz comps. They sound great with ~70 watts. Lots of kick mid bass. Try to find on deal on some.
  11. I’m struggling with sub side. Not much power or space for me
  12. I was asking because I have the same vehicle.
  13. What did you end up doing?
  14. I have an 07 ram quad cab. Second time owning this truck. It has hertz energy 6.5"comps in doors and hertz dieci 5.25" in rear doors. I have a jl XD500/3 on comps and the sub channel puts out 300 at 2ohms. I will not change amps. I will be buying that under seat box for 1 10" .65-.8ft^3 depending on which box I decide to get. So I want SQ. Loud is subjective loud to me wont be loud to you all I know. I really want to fill in the bottom octaves is ideally what I want. So what sub for the small sealed box and 300 watts? Pricing the cheaper the better $125 is probably the max cause thats $200 for sub and box and im broke for car audio. I don't know anymore what all these internet brands are. I've been in this hobby since like 1998 so I guess you could say old timer.