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  1. I guess I'll just keep the kenwoos x998
  2. Ok so I got a new to me truck. It has a stereo in it already which is good. A JL 12w1v2 in a sealed truck box, hertz components, a rockford punch 300.1, and a kenwood excelon x797 I don't like the x797 so I put my kenwood excelon x998 in it. I can't see the display at all on sunny days with this headunit. I want a new single din with 4v+. I don't care about active, or a CD player. If it has a CD ok no big deal. I love all the features of my x998 but its just no doing it for me anymore. I'm more about features. I will not spend more than $250 so that leaves out the 80prs it seems. I have been looking at alpine. kenwood, pioneer. I think I'm liking the alpine stuff the best. Although I'm pretty open on brands. I will be replacing the rockford amp with a JL xd 500/3 that I have sitting in a closet. So 75x2 on front comps and 300x1 on sub. So 3 sets of preouts are a must.
  3. rich00

    (2) Fi BTL 15" - 15000 watts in the trunk

    woah I'm digging this build
  4. rich00

    American Bass xd 12"

    Just have to figure out what I'm gonna do upfront.
  5. rich00

    American Bass xd 12"

    Its got the XD on cap. I went and drove for a few mins and it does indeed bump. I'm sure not enough for most of you. Its the loudest system ive had in probably 10 years.
  6. rich00

    American Bass xd 12"

    It sounds good from what little ive listened to it. I got the amp installed today. I still need to get the tuning of correct
  7. rich00

    American Bass xd 12"

    well I bought it. The box is in good shape and sounded great. I don't have it hooked up in my vehicle yet but it will do great I can tell. Review after I get it installed
  8. rich00

    American Bass xd 12"

    https://springfield.craigslist.org/ele/5975073524.html I'm gonna go meet him tomorrow
  9. rich00

    American Bass xd 12"

    I think I'm gonna pick it up tomorrow once I get my amp installed ill do a review. It has the XD on the cone.
  10. rich00

    American Bass xd 12"

    $140 for sub and box. I cant get a box built for less than that. Ive been looking.
  11. I found a bargain on CL locally for an American bass xd 12" in a custom 2ft^3 box tuned to 33hz. Are these subs any good?
  12. Just racking my brain for subwoofers

  13. rich00

    cheaper subs for 2004 jeep grand cherokee

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/400334074798?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT this box and a soundqubed HDS210 300 watts at 2ohm or http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sundown-Audio-E10-10-Hand-Crafted-Birch-Ported-Subwoofer-Enclosure-/272090908197?hash=item3f59e1c625:g:E9EAAOSw1S9WhCF- and SSA E 10v3 d4
  14. rich00

    cheaper subs for 2004 jeep grand cherokee

    So I was on the SSA store and all the 8's look good to me. I am not opposed to 1 8". I'm just thinking about this too much but I wont change it for a while. I'm not changing the amp probably ever.
  15. rich00

    cheaper subs for 2004 jeep grand cherokee

    As my first post said. 1 10" ported. I was thinking 1 10w3 honestly. I had 2 jl 10w0v3 under the seats of a 2007 dodge ram quad cab they got plenty loud but lacked the impact I was looking for. I had a cp108 8w3 in jl ported box in a 2011 gmc sierra reg same problem in lacking impact. I don't need SPL I want more SQ but want to rock when I turn it up. I don't need 140dbs anymore to be happy. I have been looking at those sound Qubed subs in the SSA store. I'm not seeing any box specifications for any of these subs. So that HDS10 with 300 watts? What size of ported box? I listen to old school hip-hop and rap, heavy rock, 70's rock. I just want it to sound good and give me enough spl to be happy. These HDS 10's look good. But half of RMS? I know about tuning and such just wondering if it will get moving with half of RMS?