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  1. rich00

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    Oh its playing already. Ill see if I can get a decent vid.
  2. rich00

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    Just a question. Have you ever seen this JL box? It's tiny. Just fit snugly under the seat and still have all my cargo space. I don't custom fab or even build my own enclosures. I pretty basic now a days. Wife and step son more important to me. Just happy to have some bass again
  3. rich00

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    Well first of I already had it. Second I had it already. Third I'm not a basshead anymore and I would never take out the backseats. You've never seen a quad cab dodge have? Its basically an extended cab. I'm happy with it so :cheers
  4. rich00

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    To be honest it is. Fits right under the seat. If my step son kicks it wont matter. Still have all my storage under the back seats. It is plenty of bass for me. I know it wouldn't be for most of you guys though. Plus one added bonus is the sub will be right under my fiancée's butt!!
  5. rich00

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    Well good news for me and my pocketbook anyway. The JL cp108lg that I own that was in my dad's truck is no longer in my dad's truck. He sold it so I got my little JL 8". It fits under my passenger seat if I remove the jack tools and put them under the back seat. This is ideal for me guys. I love how this little guy performs and sounds. So unless something changes and the fiancée complains about it under her seat I'm in. That way I don't have to buy new equipment. Thanks for the ideas. Happy bumping!
  6. rich00

    Subwoofer reccomendation

    Ok so I found a couple cheap subs!! wolfram audio aluminum 10" and FU audio 300 10" both like $69. Can't find box specs for wolfram. FU says .7 so that would work. Any thoughts on these?
  7. I believe just a name change. Maybe ownership change as well.
  8. Well I know American bass, sound qued, sbs. Those are in the ssa store. Personally I’ve used American bass and they are quality for the most part.
  9. rich00

    Thoughts on nvx n series

    $49 on multiple websites.
  10. rich00

    Shallow mount subs? Who's using them.

    I could never give $375 each. That’s too high. How about the Dayton shallow woofers? $100 a piece. No idea but this is a 1994 f-150 we speak of after all
  11. I'm just curious is all. Looking at these for my application they don't look back spec wise. $ wise is really good for me. I'm broke as a joke right now. Sealed box like .8ft^3 ish depending on where I buy the box. Could be .5 could be .65 could be .85. So this 10" wants .75 so im in the ballpark. I've just never heard of these. Tried the search and 0 results found. Gotta be an error. Are these as bad as the price reflects?
  12. rich00

    Shallow mount subs? Who's using them.

    2 8” will fit behind seat in a ported box. I used to have one.
  13. rich00

    Shallow mount subs? Who's using them.

    Tw3 are awesome. I’ve been looking at them as well. I know shallow mounts have come a long way. Perhaps look at just MicroSub stuff it’s nice I have the job cp108lg. 8w3v3 in ported box in regular cab GMC Sierra and sounds good. Would like a bit more but it’s my dads truck. What at kind of truck?
  14. rich00

    Its been a few years, someone catch me up!

    Go to youtube and look up 3k amp dyno comparision. That orion HCCA killed it. I'm not a big power guy sorry bro. I have been watching bigdwiz at Williston audio labs or old school car stereo a bunch and his amp dynos.
  15. rich00

    Its been a few years, someone catch me up!

    Seems to me that those are still good stuff. Newer stuff has shown up. SSA subs, brahma is back, looks like a lot of beast mode subs to me.