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  1. Audio Junkies

    The future of SPL

    SQ competitions are very political. I've heard some pretty eye opening stories, but I won't elaborate much as the people involved would prefer the info not to get out. Needless to say, the best car does not always win. I also think the install/appearance judging for SQ is bullshit. If I can drive up a $700 hoopty that can lay the smack down in sound quality on a $100k+ car, the hoopty should win hands down. It is a sound quality contest right, not a "what car looks best competition". I've always gotten the impression that SQ competitions have to do a large part with appearance.
  2. Audio Junkies

    Pics of new Mag and BM

    I'm not sure if Nick has a picture of the BM yet, but here is a link to one of the MB Quart subs that uses the inverted surround so you can get an idea of what it looks like... http://www.woofersetc.com/index.cfm?fuseac...Product_ID=3415
  3. Audio Junkies

    Vinyl Cleaner

    A friend of mine used a bunch of different devices and said he preferred a steamer for a good deep cleaning. I think you can get small ones at most big stores (Target, Wal Mart, etc) for about $20. He had one of those $500 vacuum based cleaners like the one above as well for normal cleaning.
  4. Audio Junkies

    Think you might like to see this :)

    Damn, nice! What is the box tuned to?
  5. Audio Junkies

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Use lots of tweeters, I hear it sounds great...
  6. Audio Junkies

    ATTN: Frosty!

    Hahaha, I would love to rip into a few Barry Bonds style with bat.
  7. Audio Junkies

    JimJ and all others who may be interested

    200 watts per channel (8 ohms) 325 watts per channel (4 ohms) The GFA-555's can also be bridged. Here is more info on the amps... http://www.stereophile.com/solidpoweramps/678/ http://www.polkaudio.com/forums/showthread...light=adcom+555
  8. Audio Junkies

    JimJ and all others who may be interested

    For amplifiers, take a peak at Adcom GFA-555's (versions I and II). I've got one and love it to death. They can be picked up in great condition for about $300-$400 on ebay and audiogon all the time. They are bulletproof solid state amps that can put out gobs of power. For the original design you posted up, I would seriously consider separating the subwoofers from the line arrays. You are going to want some flexibility with subwoofer placement and having them attached to the arrays will severely limit that. Looks like a fun project!
  9. Audio Junkies

    Hybrid Audio Technologies

    Son of a bitch, I went through that whole damn list of smilies and there isn't a boobies smilie. I'll put the code down anyways and pretend there is a boobie smilie. [boobies]
  10. Audio Junkies

    Click to learn about the new Mag

    Any plans on offering something besides dual 2 ohm?
  11. Audio Junkies

    Click to learn about the new Mag

    I'm trying to talk Nick into using 12" Mags as midbass drivers in the doors of his civic. Might need a bit of fiberglass work to make that happen though.
  12. When I saw Dave Brooks' truck in Atlanta he was using a Denon DCT-1. Pretty sick headunit with optical outs, but supposedly pretty hard to get.
  13. Audio Junkies

    Nightshade Pre-Sale?

    what kind of power can they handle?
  14. Audio Junkies

    ZED Audio's new domain name

    Actually, some domain scalper jumped on it and the host did not protect it like they are supposed to. I believe he is still trying to get it back. Shit, that sucks. I hate those damn scalpers, they buy thousands of domains and do absolutely nothing with them. That reminds me, I've got a few I need to buy.
  15. Audio Junkies

    ZED Audio's new domain name

    Did he forget to renew?