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  2. KingManny

    How did you guys find SSA???

    Sundown Audio website when I was looking for info on 15' v.2 Nightshades.
  3. KingManny

    Chevy Avalanche screw up?

    Had to Google that 1 lol
  4. KingManny

    Chevy Avalanche screw up?

  5. KingManny

    Chevy Avalanche screw up?

    And yea Jon I already paid for the box...
  6. KingManny

    Chevy Avalanche screw up?

    The battery brand is SeaVolt. Ok then what's a recommended space for each sub? I'm gonna have to look for a fabricator in Miami, "hopefully" and I'm gonna need a spec to have him /her make it
  7. KingManny

    Chevy Avalanche screw up?

    Batts: (2) AGM 12V Battery, Group 31, 105 Ah, 1000 MCA, 190 Res. Min., 12.9"L x 6.75"W x 9.4"H, 70lb. N you're right Bigjon I shouldn't go cheap at the end. thanks
  8. KingManny

    Chevy Avalanche screw up?

    Alright gentemen, these are the current measurements. Overall 42 inches length 16 inches height. Ports: 14 1/2inx2 1/2in each sub. Now for the space for each sub. It's 13 1/2in depth 17in width 15in height. Sorry for the late response. My signature has my current equipment. I wouldve had a box made but the last quote I had gotten was 5 to 600 bucks. Considering the amount of money I already spent Im hoping this box would b enough. I have no goals as per competition I just want my music loud hard n sweeet. N I wanted the Nightshades because I want More Power
  9. KingManny

    Chevy Avalanche screw up?

    Soon as I get home ill send out the measurements.
  10. Goodmorning everybody, I just ordered my first 2 ever Sundown Nightshade v.2 15s. Which are going to be powered by (2) Saz-2500. I ordered a midgate box for the 15's from this site. Here's a link so u can get an idea. http://www.carforce1.com/popup_image.php?pID=123&osCsid=ff95f7f7feb2370cf60b02e13253aef1 My question is 3.5 cubic feet of space in that box enough to really enjoy hard thumping bass. And yes I know the pic isn't for 15's in addition the port on mine is bigger than the one in the pic. N no raping please this is my first build. Last system I had was Liberty City Flea Market brands.
  11. KingManny

    2 12" L7's in a avy

    Lippy... Lol Alright. I'll start 1 but u better answer or ill come lookin for ya
  12. KingManny

    2 12" L7's in a avy

    It could b 20 yrs old. Not much info on Avalanche's out there considering I'm going to have my first "real" setup compared to my old Flea Market system. N I'm trying to make sure these mail order subboxes can deal with Nightshades.
  13. KingManny

    Post your Audio Setup!!!

    Carforce1 box for Chevy Avalanche midgate. 2 Sundown Nv.2 Nightshade 15's 2 Saz 2500d amps 2 marine Agm batts. Front 270xp Alternator 1 Hifonics zxi 150.4 amp 2 sets of Hifonics Zeus zxi 6.5 components Pioneer AVH-4300Dvd (which I wish was Android
  14. KingManny

    2 12" L7's in a avy

    Did you ever get any intel on your friends situation?