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  1. filtor1

    1st wave of SBN photos...

    Very nice! I tried to get pictures on the competitor side but when I walked through the majority of the vehicles were closed up. I tried a few times but no dice. I got some good shots from the vendor side though.
  2. filtor1

    What is going on??

    I am embarrassed to admit this has happened to me in the past. I changed the batteries in the DMM and the coils all read correctly. Not saying this is the case here, but I do know they test the coils before they leave. So I recommend trying to get a reading with another DMM.
  3. filtor1

    SP4 Caught On Fire!!!!

    More user error. Edit: Sorry my son keeps hitting the keyboard. LOL Why would watching other people blow up their equipment make you unhappy? Question what really happened. I would still like to see those pictures.
  4. filtor1

    SP4 Caught On Fire!!!!

    Sorry to hear about this happening. I would like to see the pics of the driver. Specifically the speaker wire connectors, leads, spider assembly, and triple joint if you can post. I am also interested in your electrical system including the power/ground distribution for the entire system less the radio. Wire size and grounding points on the chassis of the vehicle. That information will help diagnose the cause. Although your amp is "rated" for less power that a driver can take, things can happen during playback. A square wave has the potential to cook any sub. An internal short inside the amplifier of component failure can do this as well. Chris
  5. filtor1

    WTF! Why didn't I get the memo?

    No published specs yet.
  6. filtor1

    WTF! Why didn't I get the memo?

    Only the chrome stickers were discontinued. The dust cap shown above will be reserved for team members. Edit: All of the standard colors are available including the new pink and purple options. Edit
  7. filtor1

    Evil Product Video

    Well done! The only thing I would change is a slightly longer pause on the Proudly Built in the USA sticker. :)/>
  8. filtor1

    Introducing the all new SSA Evil!

    Well done SSA! This has all the right stuff to be an epic performer. I look forward to seeing lots of builds with this driver. Has anyone modeled this in a traditional 4th order yet?
  9. filtor1

    Dustcap color options

    Purple: It is a nice color. A little deeper than the picture shows. Chris
  10. filtor1

    Dustcap color options

    I have the purple too. I can post a picture of the decal if you would like.
  11. filtor1

    Dustcap color options

  12. filtor1

    F.S. 12" AA Arsenal D2 2 slug motor

    Sub is sold locally. Thanks for looking. Chris
  13. filtor1

    Holy jebus

    Do it!
  14. filtor1

    Holy jebus

    LMAO! (tapsfoot)....
  15. What is the cost differential? That would make up my mind. I am a huge fan of the Havoc and have chosen them many times in the past.