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  1. Jamaica2G

    Stereo projectS over time

    Mad and 'kinda regret' are two completely different things. if I still had that nipple, it's only function would be its ability to tie down a wheel with a string. Thanks yeah, the spare is key - especially since I drive long distances by myself & most times I don't know who's around. I actually have the old one. Just gotta find someone able to weld it back in. You're alive! yeah, he's alive - Operates like a submarine though... disappears for a while and resurfaces every so often...
  2. Jamaica2G

    Stereo projectS over time

    wow, I never thought I would get the monkey skeet ROFLOL Thanks you guys. I took a long time for me to reach this point simply because I am ruled by school - oh yeah and I'm really slow with this kind of work, but hey, with good advice from friends, lots of brainstorming (maximize trunk space, full spare and entire system) and some perseverance, It worked!
  3. Jamaica2G


    Thanks for the comments guys! Anyone have an RB26 to put in my car? lol It's all show, Lots of "turn-fast" but little "go-fast"...
  4. always prepping for an exam

  5. always prepping for an exam

  6. always prepping for an exam

  7. Jamaica2G

    Stereo projectS over time

    FYI this entire thread was copy/pasted from an AL forum that I post on, so I make random comments that might only make sense on that particular forum. Thanks to Chris, Shawn, & the entire AA crew.
  8. Jamaica2G

    Stereo projectS over time

    Installed the fan. I've got a few touch ups to make, but it will look good :-) So happy with the results that I washed and waxed the car today :-) OH and I figured out that Pandora can stream through the 3G network Adrian
  9. Jamaica2G

    Stereo projectS over time

    And just 2-3 weeks ago I started working on things again... I'm gonna keep some of the old and move things around a bit to make things the way I think will make me happy - temporarily of course! So I relocated all the crossovers And started coming up with ideas for what I would do with the amps... I wanted them to sit lower in the trunk so that I could have more space to throw stuff. Hmm, which way? I made sure to make that box wide enough to fit three amps stacked like books in case I wanted to upgrade later :-D I lowered the battery box on the right and finally fit the OEM carpet back in there! It's all working again at this point! With BOTH oem side carpets in! A FLOOR! This car has not seen a CARPETED floor since..... March 2007 after I took out the 8's and was contemplating the Q12. Thew a piece of carpet at the bottom of the wheel well... Optical illusion? and now making a protective box cover that'll hopefully have a plexiglass window so you can see the amps - the fan will be under the floor circulating air to make sure everything stays cool!
  10. Jamaica2G

    Stereo projectS over time

    Ok, so here goes. So after that point I purchased a Fi Audio ( www.ficaraudio.com ) Q 12.... and sold 7 of the 8 8" subs.... I would have had to make a fiberglass box to acquire all the air space I needed on the left or make a box that would eliminate my ability to possibly get a full sized spare in the trunk, so after a bit of discussion with Shawn, I sold it to buy two Ascendant Audio Chaos 10s ( ascendantaudio.com )... specially made and wired for me to accept an Infinite Baffle (free air) setup. (BTW, if you want Fi Audio or Ascendant Audio stuff, LMK!) I was lucky enough to also get the hookup on some DLS Ultimate UP6i components for the doors. I bought kickpods that have the previous year's component sets as well (DLS UP6's). So I have kicks and doors. no rear fill - Sold the JL's on ebay - they don't even compare to the DLS's I always make a mess... the outer door panel is completely covered, much better than the inner - I used some old Fatmat that I had, Dynamat Extreme and Second Skin's.... extreme? whichever is the thickest At the time I had exams coming up, so I threw in some old and new parts to give myself some sound for a month. Then it turned into this and you can see a cable on teh right of the amps - that connected to a fan. I made a face plate on either side Subs mounted in plexiglass with LED lights that need to be hooked up to shine through the plexi. At this point, I graduated from UF and had to move up to birmingham. THe trunk stayed something like this for a year...:humpsheep: - Once again, I never finished making a floor!
  11. Jamaica2G

    Stereo projectS over time

    My friend cutting the nip - one thing I kinda regret to this day... The matting just keeps increasing with all the different stages! If the trunk is gonna be functional, it'll have to accept stuff being thrown onto it! I hate the cold but love the heater! Preparing for the assault! - more was added later lol Once upon a time I turned my trunk into this Memphis belle ST1300 eight RE Audio 8" woofers one 15 farad Capacitor from Alumapro No spare tire... I never got around to finishing and carpeting the floor of the trunk. I wasn't 100% happy with how things sounded and I didnt have a spare at all.
  12. Jamaica2G

    Stereo projectS over time

    Hello everyone, I post this thread not only to show what has happened to my car over time but more importantly to thank everyone that participated in helping me. You who helped know who you are... Thank you so much for the ideas and the help and the encouragement. This thread goes out to you! I think this started in Summer 2006 I've got lots of pictures, not completely done with the newest phase, but I'll update this from oldest till now! Tryin to organize and figure out how everything can fit and still have the required air space... I love that little nipple thing in the middle Ya gotta upgrade! One of the best video game chairs EVER! This chair had more use OUTSIDE of the car than it does in the car! I hate Molexes... Gotta run two new sets of wire through this! the fingers hurt! So THAT's What KY is used for! shoving wires through things! JL Audio XR series that I had in teh volvo... fit right in I was considering getting the RE 12.1 - FANTASTIC AMP - but it wouldnt work in the setup cause I wouldn't have space for a 4 chan I made the trim around the head unit myself... local stores wanted $150-400 to fabricate one! pffft, I just took some stuff to the dental school and chopped up one myself! The first time I had an amp running - it was exam time to I had to stop - Threw in my old Memphis belle 1300 ST! 1000x1 & 75x4 one of my fav amps! Later upgraded to the MC1300D
  13. Jamaica2G


    Yup, new to this website... I'm Jamerican Went to UF and now at UAB for Supergrad as I like to call it. I have been around for a while but never made an intro. I have met many of the FI team a few times (greetings you guys!) I love teeth & gums & implants Had two sets of the same rims, so I've had one set recently painted black and red Shoutout to my friends Shawn and Chris! Adrian
  14. Jamaica2G

    I almost forgot about posting pics

    That desk looks familiar!
  15. Jamaica2G

    10" SSD Grilles

    Do those grills screw into the same holes that the sub does? or do I have to make additional holes? Please help! I need 10" grills that use the same holes! Adrian