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  1. dolarbilz

    Suggestions/Help with New Build

    Yes it will work. But me personally wouldnt run Brazilian amps... Two ssa mono wouls fit nice in this build..
  2. dolarbilz

    SSA Hellion (all new)

    Yeah boy just placed order on 3 hellion 10 last night.. I have mids tweets now subs. Soon ill grab amps.
  3. dolarbilz

    Randal's 2007 Chevy Avalanche

    Juicy build..i was looking into linear power cause of you.but it's not something i can afford at the moment. Anyways that dash pad.did you buy for looks or to help with the soundstage
  4. Why did your orion crap out in 1st place? Was it used or new..are you looking for used or new? Bump your price up.might find used ampere2k around 250
  5. dolarbilz

    Fall Sale @ caraudio911.com

    Nice sales going on
  6. dolarbilz

    Tezla Audio @ SSA®

    Just seen these in the store very nice looking sub..
  7. Sweet..going be nice build.one day ill have all ssa gear in one of my trucks..
  8. dolarbilz

    Please welcome US Acoustics to SSA

    I see my next two amps I'm buying
  9. dolarbilz

    Ascendant Audio Photos

    So what was the reasons to make tens? I know Scott didn't want to for years.except a couple for special guys. Will they be doing havoc 10's?
  10. dolarbilz

    Team Ascendant Audio 18"

    What ohm?
  11. dolarbilz

    HDS recones?

    Do they offer recones for the HDS line woofer?if so how much.thank you .
  12. dolarbilz

    Worst shipping/customer service ever!

    Go eat some chickenwings
  13. dolarbilz

    Atomic Loudspeakers???

    They will tell you anything you want to hear.