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  1. Sweet..going be nice build.one day ill have all ssa gear in one of my trucks..
  2. dolarbilz

    Please welcome US Acoustics to SSA

    I see my next two amps I'm buying
  3. dolarbilz

    Ascendant Audio Photos

    So what was the reasons to make tens? I know Scott didn't want to for years.except a couple for special guys. Will they be doing havoc 10's?
  4. dolarbilz

    Team Ascendant Audio 18"

    What ohm?
  5. dolarbilz

    HDS recones?

    Do they offer recones for the HDS line woofer?if so how much.thank you .
  6. dolarbilz

    Worst shipping/customer service ever!

    Go eat some chickenwings
  7. dolarbilz

    Atomic Loudspeakers???

    They will tell you anything you want to hear.
  8. dolarbilz

    New From Nor Cal

    Do you compete?
  9. dolarbilz

    New From Nor Cal

    No way I live in salinas
  10. dolarbilz


    What's going on with AA website? Getting revamped?
  11. dolarbilz

    Team Envied Avy 6 Fi Team Series 15's and 3 DC 9k's Doing Work

    Wire that shit low already lol
  12. dolarbilz

    mayhem for daily

    I run 4 mayhem 18's in a blow through tuned stupid low.right now im running one DD m4a on all four.only cause other amp is in need of repairs.I do compete in physclone can still pull 51 around 25hz.and burp 52.7 at23hz.with low power you will be fine.in time you will hear that the subs want more power.
  13. dolarbilz

    Small review on the ZED Audio Leviathan iii

    Im getting this soon as i can...
  14. dolarbilz

    order issues

    I rather wait for a fi sub.knowing what im getting.
  15. Bump this. Christmas spirit drop few bucks in the bucket people.